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20 Genius Ways to Wear Your Work Clothes Outside The Office

Your company HR policy may strictly enforce a formal dress code at office. So you’ve loaded up on cotton pants, shirts and other office wear. Now the real dilemma – you’ve spent most of your… Read More

Coffee for Beauty (Uses Even Caffeine Addicts Don’t Know About!)

Hey, lovelies! Too much work today? Why don’t you have some coffee? While you’ve been consuming the instantly-gratifying beverage since forever to liven up your mornings each day, have you ever tried the life-changing beauty… Read More

18 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

Rules of Procrastination You spend most of your waking hours worrying about deadlines, errands and to-do-lists. And yet for reasons known only to fate you always seem to have pending work and keep running around… Read More

5 Super Ways to Style Your Loafers

We adore our heels and wish we could wear them everywhere (even to bed). But since we can’t really do that, fancy flats are the way to go. And the coolest flats around are loafers…. Read More

15 Fashion Rules You Need To Break This Season

No matter how many rules we break otherwise, we’re gravely afraid to violate fashion rules.You probably know the fashion bible better than India’s Constitution but now is the time to let loose and do what… Read More

Your Beachwear Shopping Guide for Summer 2014 is Here

The mercury levels are rising and a quick dip in the cool waters is just what you need. To look your fashionable best at your beachside trip or poolside party, you need uber trendy beachwear…. Read More

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Deepika in Black and Gold

Deepika in Black and Gold

At the Van Heusen fashion show, Deepika Padukone sported what seems to be her favorite colour combo in recent times - black and gold. Get her chic style by pairing your LBD with gold pumps and earrings.

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