10 Chic Ways To Rock Your Sneakers

You’ve got them in a number of colours to match with your gymwear. But you can now wear sneakers while going out as well. No longer restricted to the gym and sports field, the sheer variety and colours of sneakers available today is mind-boggling. Give your feet the comfort they deserve yet score high on the fashion stakes by pairing your shoes with these different kinds of outfits.

1) Sneakers + Slit Maxi

sneakers and maxi

Wear your sneakers with maxi skirts and dresses this summer, but make sure they come with slits. Throw on a gold jacket when heading out for a party and you can dance the night away.

2) Sneakers + Midi Skirt

sneakers and midiskirt

Wear your ultra-feminine, ladylike midi skirts with these shoes to achieve a chic, sporty look.

3) Sneakers + Tutu

sneakers and tutu

An amalgamation of two extremes—the delicate and feminine tulle skirt and the relaxed yet bold pop coloured athletic sneakers. This look is for the head-turner.

4) Sneakers + Dungarees

sneakers and dungarees

Nostalgic about the 90s? Put on dungarees and sneakers for your quick coffee-and-doughnuts run.

5) Sneakers + Monotone

sneakers and monotone

Monotone is trending, especially a classic look of head-to-toe-white. Pair your white shoes with a white mini and a jumper.

6) Sneakers + Short Suit

sneakers and short suit

Did you always think that sporty shoes couldn’t be worn with formal/semi-formal clothes? Try pairing them with short and long jumpsuits and pant suits, while keeping the pants rolled up.

7) Sneakers + Skater Dress

sneakers and skater dress

Exuding a girlish charm, a fit-and-flare dress when worn with these hot shoes will give you a persona of vibrancy, vivaciousness and sporty spontaneity.

8) Sneakers + Pop Of Colour

sneakers and pop colour

Spruce up your monochrome or monotone ensemble with a pair of bright coloured shoes. We promise your feet will get the appreciation they deserve.

9) Sneakers + Cropped Pants

sneakers and cropped pants

Wear your shoes with those über comfortable cropped pants. Ditch the socks as you set about fulfilling your day’s tasks.

10) Sneakers + Hot Shorts

sneakers and hot shorts

Nothing goes as naturally with sneakers as a pair of hot shorts.

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