10 Easy & Unique Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

Girls! Girls! Girls! When 24 hours a day seem too less, shortcuts are needed—especially in today’s instant fashion and beauty world. And to live like a queen and look like a model, one doesn’t need to spend a bomb or plenty of time and energy. All you have to do is get yourself acquainted with some easy makeup application and practical beauty tips. But what should one be doing when desperate times call for desperate fashion measures? Here we present to you 10 inexpensive, easy to use beauty hacks that you must learn today.

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1. Pearly Teeth Sans The Lipstick
Fed up of lipstick on the teeth? Embarrassed to get it off while in public or at a boardroom meeting? Here’s what you should do. When you apply lipstick, stick your index finger in the mouth and ‘pop’ it out till you hear a ‘popping sound’. The excess lipstick will wipe itself away, leaving your teeth unstained.

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2. The 5-Minute Band-Aid Nail Art
Five minutes of your time, a Band-Aid and nail polish is all you need for some super-cool nail art. Put the first coat (a light colour) on your nails and let it dry. Once the paint is dry, place the sticky part of the Band-Aid on the nail, over which you now should paint a darker colour of your choice, and let it dry. Polka-dotted nail art in 5 minutes!

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3. Smelling Fragrant All Day Long
Want to smell nice and fresh all day long? Hit the spots that need it the most. The insides of the wrist, the earlobes, the base of your throat, the back-end of your knees are the most critical zones.

4. Bye Bye, Smelly Flats
Bugged with the smelly flats and sweaty feet? Sprinkle some baking soda in the shoes—it kills bacteria and the gross stench is done away with, too.

5. Keep your Eyes Fresh Out Sans The Puff
No time for makeup? Use two cucumber slices on each eyelid for 10 minutes, let it rest and allow the eyes to absorb its coolness. Puffy eyes no more!

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6. Shampoo On the Go
If you do not have the time to wash your hair, use half a cup of cornstarch with any essential oil of your choice. Apply the mixture from the root to the tip and comb through. Dry shampoo saves time and energy, and gives you clean hair. Read more about dry shampoo here.

7. No More Green Nails
Fed up of green stains when you wear finger rings? Apply clear nail polish on the inner portions of the rings, let it dry and then wear them—no more green stains to be worried about.

8. Quick-Fix Ironing
No time to iron the hem of a skirt or sleeves of the shirt? Use the flat-iron rods meant for the hair to instantly get rid of unsightly folds.

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9. Lipstick Jungle
A little bit of shaving cream placed on a wet cloth can clear off any lipstick stains from your collars. This way, clothes remain safe, and in minutes the makeup stains would be a thing of the past.

10. Fuller Lashes, Baby!
Yes, you don’t need to wear false lashes to look full on your lids anymore. Just dip a swab of cotton into baby powder and run it across the lashes once the mascara is applied. Wait for five seconds and do the same once again. You now have thick and full eyelashes to flaunt!

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Have fun using these easy and unique beauty hacks and breathe easy!

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