Suffering From Body Odour? Here Are 10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of It

You know who your true friends are when they are not afraid to tell you about your body odour. Well, we want to be your allies, too, which is why we’re telling you some easy ways to get rid of it. 

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What Causes Body Odour?
When the sweat dries on your skin and reacts with the bacteria on it, it creates a bad body odour. However, there are other reasons like body deficiencies, stress and menstruation. Also, some foods rich in amino acid like beef and pork often leave their residual acid in the stomach, which are then broken down by enzymes to create an odourless release. The lack of enzymes or poor bowel moment can emit a peculiar smell in your sweat.

1. Keep Clean: Bathe everyday and, if needed, twice a day. This is something that will ensure that your body odour is minimal. Additionally, use a clean towel and scrub your body. Dust and grime can block your pores leading to infection. Ensure that you scrub your underarms and private areas thoroughly.

2. Use Anti-Perspirants: This is a fairly common practice and most of us cannot step out with spraying deodorants and perfumes. However, you need to pick an anti-perspirant that is good for your skin, such as Dove deos (buy here) and Nivea Sensitive Protect deos (buy here); else it will block the pores of your skin causing further odour.

3. Clear Out Your Wardrobe: Any unwashed or old clothing stores lots of germs, which instantly react with your skin making it smell. Wash them thoroughly or discard them.

4. Check Your Body: A persistently strong body smell can be a sign of a stomach infection. Get it checked with your doctor at the earliest.

5. Cut Down On Bad Foods: As mentioned earlier, some foods leave their traces behind which causes the sweat to smell bad. Avoid non-vegetarian and junk food if you have this problem. In fact, you must stay away from them for about 24 hours before an important occasion.

6. Detox: If you can’t completely stay away from your favourite foods, go on a week-long detox to clear up your system.

7. Try Natural Methods: Instead of opting for chemical deodorants, use natural flower or tea tree oil—or simply spray some vinegar in the problem areas.

8. Take Your Medicines: Take regular supplements of vitamins and iron to strengthen your digestive and immune system as a whole.

9. Wear Light Clothing: Having been through the Indian summer, light clothing seems like a boon. Wear them to ensure that the sweat is well-absorbed and your skin can dry faster.

10. Use A Tissue: In emergency situations, use a tissue or toilet paper to dry off your sweaty areas. These instantly absorb the sweat and minimise the smell.

Hope this article helps you answer your queries. Do share if you have anything more to add.

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