10 Facebook Statuses We Are Sick Of

We absolutely dread it now when Facebook asks us what’s on our mind. Not because we do not love sharing our stories on Facebook, but the kind of repetitive updates we come across on our timeline urges us to punch our screens in frustration. Clearly Zuckerberg is not interested in knowing what millions of users are upto but some status updates leave us wanting to reduce our friends list by a huge margin. Read on to know about the frequently used 10 Facebook statuses we are sick of, and that will definitely make us “Unfriend” you.

With So & So at Here, There and Everywhere

Care to devote time to the ones you are with than check into your phones? There is no need for you to give details about your check-ins to a list of 500+ friends. Mind you, there are some whom you’ve added randomly because their Photoshopped pictures were really seductive.


It’s raining. Oh no, am stuck in traffic!

Aha, so you think you are the new Pandu in town, eh? Also, do we actually have to refer to our timelines to know that it is snowing or raining? Really now.


One-Word Statuses

Acrimonius, Flabbergasted, Juxtaposed. Boy, are we so blessed that we can decode your state of mind because you used words from a pirated Oxford dictionary.


Status Shuffle

The fact that you use the outdated FB app to describe your state of mind just goes to display how lethargic you are to not write something of your own. Not that we are concerned but why would anyone want to read the same lines posted by 10 different people.


I should have known what an @$$H0L3 you are!

How about telling it to the person concerned? How difficult is it to fathom that this is a public platform and not your personal diary.


The Countdown begins..

For what? The world to end? Or for the last remains of braincells in your head to disappear?


Starting an argument over a reality show

Wow, it is impressive to even know that you watch shows on how a bunch of losers fight out to figure who the biggest loser of them all is. We should compete on how many idiots we have un-friended for posting these.


Everyone around me is getting married, engaged, committed. And I am blah blah blah!

Is there a worldwide orgy out there that we didn’t know about?


Two months. Aww, honey I love you so much.

Sniff sniff. Oh, how incredibly romantic. It is really credible to have a relationship that lasts this long with someone who updates a status like that. We salute you.


Oh, Monday is a bitch and Friday is so far away!

Is that your idea of adding fuel to fire? Maybe we should consider criminalizing you for it.

Shut Up!!

Shut Up!!

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