8 Fashion Resolutions for 2014

Fashion Must-Haves

Eat healthy, lose weight, quit smoking, you may have already created a list of resolutions that you want to follow for the New Year. While those are for your body and mind, you need to religiously follow a few fashion pledges for 2014. Take a look:

Ditch the Crutch

We are all bound to have fashion crutches like regular denim, white shirt, black top, and classic studs. While these are ideal for a hangover weekday, ditch them for your daily wear. Wear dresses, skirts, textured pants and the likes, to feel refreshed.

Cater NatureRecycling Clothes

Save resources by recycling your old jeans or shawls and tees to turn them into fun, stylish additions to your wardrobe.

Prioritise and Break-Up

While recycling is fantastic, don’t get stuck with clothes that have sentimental values. Get cold-hearted and dump those bell-bottoms or worn out sequined dress you have been saving.

Get a Lid on the Impulse

Another way to get eco-friendly is to consume less. Now, we know you can’t resist the Aztec print or the high-low tops, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy everything from the sale (often a size too small or large).

Fashion-Trends-Try-2012-300x300Unicorn and Rainbows

No, no, we do not mean dressing in frills and frocks; we recommend that you experiment with colours and accessories. Go for orange palazzo pants and a royal blue see-through shirt with tons of accessories. This will surely turn heads.

Don’t Wait

We know you have been saving your grandmother’s vintage earrings and the chic maxi for a ‘special’ occasion. Ladies, you are exceptional everyday, hunt at the back of your closet and wear them; experiment!

Save and SpendChristian Louboutin

Street shopping is fun, affordable and de-stressing. However, do not rely on these street vendors to get your classic pieces like the quintessential red dress, black pumps, white shirt, and more. Save and spend on designer items.

Stand Tall for Health

We love our stilettos and wedges; they accentuate the curves, but are they really worth the chronic back pain and acute knee injuries? This year, try alternate shoes. Opt for flats during your daily routine and may be even for a casual brunch or dinner.

Unlike most New Year resolutions these are not very tough to adhere to, so stay stylish all through 2014.

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