10 Must-Have Classic Accessories That Every Girl Should Own

accessories- 10 must haveWe already gave you a low down on the must-have wardrobe essentials that are immune to seasonal changes be it fashion or weather. And now it’s time to make sure you fill any gaping holes in your closet with our fool-proof list of 10 must-have accessories.

1. A Metal Watch: It’s about time you save up for a good branded metal watch in silver, gold or a combination of both. The best part is that it complements both western and ethnic couture and is a timeless trend.

metal watch

A Metal Watch:Time to get one.

2. Black Clutch: You may be a pro at putting the perfect outfit together, but a mismatched clutch is a serious fashion faux pas. While a black clutch may be predictable, it can still be your knight in shining armour when you need a reliable arm candy.

black clutches

Black Clutch: Vouch for its Versatility.

3. Diamante Studs: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we couldn’t agree more with Marilyn Monroe’s words. If you are still a few pay checks away from a pair of solitaire earrings, we suggest you fake it till you make it. A pair of classy looking diamantes should do the trick for those sit-down dinners and other formal dos.

diamond studs

Shine Bright like a Diamond.

4. Statement Neckpiece: Owning a versatile neckpiece can make all the difference to your outfit especially on days when you choose to under-dress. A good turquoise one is a personal favourite but we suggest you find a colour that really suits your skin tone and matches well with many of your outfits.

statement neckpieces

Look stunning in a statement neckpiece.

5. Aviators: While you may see many trends come and go, you can trust on a pair of aviators to always be in vogue.


Aviators: See for yourself

6. Pearls: Look elegant and timeless just like our favourite Audrey Hepburn did. But before you burn a hole in your purse with a real one, we suggest you pick a faux pearl choker or long neckpiece in glossy or matte finish to check its versatility.


Looking classy is now just a pearl necklace away.

7. Black Pumps/Stilettos
Your wardrobe and night outs are incomplete without a pair of black pumps. Keep a pair handy and you can walk away from all the which-shoe-goes-with-which-dress confusion.

black pumps

Keep your head, standards and Heels high.

8. Gold Dangle Earrings: With our hectic social life, attending many events in a single day is now a common metropolitan phenomenon. For times like these, having a pair of gold dangle earrings that can be worn with an evening gown as well as an Indian suit will make you a fashion and time conscious girl.

Gold Danglers

Look elegant in a pair of gold dangler earrings.

9. Metallic Evening Shoes: For those party animals and social snobs, a pair of metallic pumps in silver or gold will always keep the fashion quotient high at soirees.

metallic pumps

Party hard in a pair of metallic pumps

10. Versatile flats: A pair of comfortable and chic tan leather, nude, or black flats that go well with jeans, dresses and pretty much everything else in your closet is a good way to always be fashion forward.


Put your best foot forward today!

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