Going Beyond Google: 10 Jaw-Dropping Offices We’d Love To Work At

In an ever-changing world, when you have to redesign your ideas, first think of redesigning your office—and this is exactly what these offices have implemented. No, we’re not talking about the Googles, Facebooks, Microsofts and Skypes—when it comes to creativity and innovation, there are a few others who have created amazingly designed office spaces for their employees. Now, if you’re bored of looking at the same wall, same design and same computer of your office, we’ll show you some beautiful and quirky places you’ll wish you worked at.

1) Urban Outfitters – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Urban Outfitters’ US$100 million dollar offices are built on the site of a deteriorated Navy Yard. The innovative design of this 3.5 lakh-plus square feet project by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle has won distinctions such as The National Preservation Honor Award and 2007 Global Award for Excellence from Urban Land Institute. The new campus offers amenities like a cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness centre and courtyard.

10 OFFICE SPACES YOU’D LOVE TO WORK AT - urban outfitters

2) Cartoon Network – Atlanta, Georgia, USA
The Cartoon Network office is full of colours and cartoon memorabilia, truly depicting their love for cartoons. All employees here get to personalise their cubicles and areas and there’s also a robot maid called Judy who has apparently replaced a large custodian staff. Wow! Now that’s something even Google and Facebook don’t have yet.

10 OFFICE SPACES YOU’D LOVE TO WORK AT - cartoon network

3) Selgas Cano – Madrid, Spain
Selgas Cano is an architecture company created by its very own designers Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano. The office, situated in a forest outside of Madrid, is half dug under the ground to keep it cool even in the summers. The employees work in a beautiful forest with fallen leaves, fresh air and wildlife in the surroundings.


4) Missing Link – Johannesburg, South Africa
Missing Link, a presentation and conference organising firm, had just six weeks to design their office and they used everything from bathtubs, graffiti and even a tree house to create an out-of-the-box workplace. The office includes quirky sections such as a tattoo parlour, a firing range and a fireman’s pole.

10 best office spaces you'd love to work at - missing links

5) Pallotta TeamWorks – Los Angeles, California, USA
Since Pallotta TeamWorks is a charitable organisation, its office does not provide any fancy amenities. What makes it unique is its ability to build the office with a budget of just US$40 per sq ft. So the designer very smartly used shipping containers and customised them to put together into a warehouse-turned-office. This creative mind showed us just another use of a shipping container.

10 best office spaces to work at- pallatto

6) Pixar – Emeryville, California, USA
Steve Jobs, the co-founder of this computer animation film studio, knew that creative minds could not work in an office-park building. So he created an environment where creativity and collaboration could be sparked by serendipity. The atrium has a  café, football court, fitness centre, two 40-seat viewing rooms and a large theatre. Employees are allowed to create their own office front and animators are provided computers with large monitors and in-house Pixar-specific animation software. They also sit on chairs originally owned by Walt Disney Studios  from the ’30s. Wow!


7) Zynga – San Francisco, California, USA
This social game service provider’s huge area covers a 5.56 lakh square foot space. The entire campus has decorations and games, which is in sync with the company’s ‘Play Well’ motto. The best part about Zynga is that it provides free meals to all its employees.


8) Unilever – Hamburg, Germany
Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company, with an area of 38,000sq ft and designed by Behnisch Architekten. Situated on the banks of River Elbe, this company has received a newly established HafenCity EcoLabel in gold. Employees can sunbathe on the terrace over the river and on the harbour and the office also has a dedicated shop with its products, a café and a spa.


9) Airbnb – San Francisco, California, USA
Airbnb is a company providing websites for people to rent out lodging, headquartered in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. The 72,000sq ft campus has been designed by Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi of Garcia-Tamjidi. The office has an open floor plan with no private rooms, an open ceiling and exposed ductwork. The top floor has an ‘All Hands Space’, a multi purpose room that includes a kitchen and large dining area which can also be converted into a theatre-style seating.

10 best office spaces to work at - airbnb

10) Infosys – Mysore, India
This IT giant provides business consulting, software engineering and outsourcing services. Its campus may not be the best in the world, but is by far the best in India. Built on an area of 343 acres, it is the world’s largest corporate university with amenities such as a cricket pitch, gym, badminton courts, race tracks, bowling alley, table tennis courts, swimming pool, training centres, rooms for trainees and even a four-screen multiplex.


Aren’t these workplaces really amazing? Tell us which one you loved the most and if there are any workplaces you think are best to work at.

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