Don’t Be A Damsel In Distress: 10 Reasons Why You Should Make The First Move

Still waiting for Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet?  Well, you’re no Sleeping Beauty, so it’s about time you snapped out of your dreams and took a chance. By chance, we mean go out there and find your man, and probably sweep him of his feet!

Still not convinced? We give you a few super reasons to make the first move on your crush and move out of the friend zone, stat.

make the first move on a guy

1. Will He, Won’t He?
We know that you find it frustrating when you’re trying to decode his signals to you. And picking out all the petals of a flower in the ‘He likes me-He Likes me not’ game isn’t helping, either. Put an end to it by simply asking him what he feels and you will know the answer. If he is interested, you’re in for a treat; if not, you can move on to your next crush.

2. Reflect Your Confidence
Ask any man and he will tell you what’s really sexy in a woman is her confidence. When you show a guy that you’re into him, it reflects your boldness and open-mindedness. Besides, girl, if he might laugh or act awkward he’s not worth your time in the first place. If he is a nice guy, he will consider it and turn you down politely if not interested.

3. Stop Dreaming, Make It Happen!
How long are you going to wait and dream about him? Maybe he is shy, maybe he is too passionate about this work or maybe he is not sure about your feelings. By making the first move, you can make your daydreaming a reality. And maybe if he knows you’re into him, he might start looking at you as more than just a friend.

4. This is NOT The ’60s
We’re all for traditions—the ring, the courting, everything. But we also know that you need to move along with the changing times. This is not the olden days where chivalry was a man’s honour. These days men have more on their mind than just courting women. So why not take the initiative and ask him? Don’t wait around!

5. Equality Of Sexes
Speaking of current times, we strongly believe that men and women are equal in all fields—then why not in dating? Change the rules of the game and ask him out for a date.

6. Show Him You Can Take Charge
Let’s face it, men love a woman who takes charge inside and outside the bedroom. So go ahead, do it—ask him out for coffee. Even if he isn’t into you, he’ll definitely be flattered and take notice.

7. Yes, You Can Brag A Little
We feel for you if he turns you down, but imagine if it does work out. Girl, you’ll get a lifetime right to brag to everyone that you initiated it. If it wasn’t for your confidence you two wouldn’t be together!

8. Feel Good
Well, at least you tried, whether it worked or not. And it will feel great to put yourself out there and do something that probably scares the bejesus out of you. Go treat yourself for simply having the courage to do it.

9. No More Games
You don’t like playing games, and the days when men played games are over for you if you simply make the first move. Why beat around the bush and play peek-a-boo when you can just pick up the phone and call him?

10. Your Choice
The power lies with you. Instead of going out with men who are hitting on you, you can go out there and find the one for you. Who better than yourself to know the type you seek—then why not go for it?

We’re sure you’re already finding ways to ask your man out. We will soon bring another edition of how to ask him out. Stay tuned.

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