Why Wear One When You Can Have A Few? 10 Super Ways To Rock Stacked Rings

Every girl knows the importance of a ring, whether it is an engagement solitaire or the gold ring you bought with your first salary. It makes your fingers look gorgeous and acts as a statement accessory in itself. But you can take it a notch further by stacking it with everything, from simple metal bands to chunky rings. Here are 10 super ways you can do this.

1. Gleeful Golden
Stacking rings can be tricky, especially if you are a novice. Stay safe and go gold. This metal is versatile and goes with pretty much all kind of rings. An all-gold combo looks beautiful and feminine.
Tip: Use a combination of chunky and thin rings to give a nice texture to your stack.

stacked rings - gold

2. Mixed Metal
If you’re confident of rocking gold stacks on your finger, you can definitely try this. Mix different metals like silver and copper along with fun colours to create a subtle statement look.
Tip: Hammered metal rings work best in a stack as they offer a rusty touch.

stacked rings - different metals

3. Dazzling Diamonds
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, even when it comes to stacking rings. Adding these sparkling stones with other rings makes your digits look chic, classy and gorgeous.
Tip: Diamond rings can be stacked alone or along with other colours.

stacked rings - diamond stack

4. Colour Blocking
If you can rock it on your body, you can wear it on your fingers! Try colour blocking with rings of bold hues and cool shapes.
Tip: Stack bright colours with neutral shades to tone down the overall look.

stacked rings - colour block

5. Smart Slogans
We love the slogan trend on tees, tops and even bottoms—so why leave the hands behind? Get poetic and add a few words that define you to your fingers.
Tip: Wear thin rings with symbols as shown in the image. These don’t look over-the-top and offer a nice touch to your hands.

stacked rings - slogan poetic rings

6. Eccentric Edgy
Feeling blue on a weekday morning? Spice up your day by combining rings of various textures with black and top with a goth-style nail enamel.
Tip: If you are picking rings of different textures and shapes like hammered metal, twisted, square and triangle, ensure that they are thin and have fine details. This will be ideal to pull off an edgy look.

stacked rings - edgy

7. Happy Hippie
Let loose your inner flower child and stack your rings in a hippie style. Combine almost all kinds of rings you have and top it with a dollop of pastel shades on your nails.
Tip: If you are going abstract and trying hippie rings, ensure that your outfit and overall look matches your hands.

stacked rings - hippie

8. Sexy Statement Stacks
Gather your statement rings and wear them all together. Yes, it’s time to go over-the-top! Take a cue from Ashley Olsen and create your own look.
Tip: Not everyone can pull off this statement stack style, so ensure that your fingers, outfit and the occasion complement the rings. Also, avoid wearing any other accessories like stacked bangles or watch with it.

stacked rings - OTT

9. Eternal Ethnic
You can get trendy at Indian weddings, too, with stacked rings. Use gold, pearls and other ethnic rings with your sari or anarkali.
Tip: Avoid traditional bangles with this style and ensure that your sari or dress embroidery matches the rings.

stacked rings - ethnic

10. Rock the Rock
Oh, we can’t get over KimK’s ring stack—an engagement ring with a diamond strand! If you’re managed to score a nice rock from your man, convince him to get you a lovely diamond strand ring and wear it like the new Mrs West.
Tip: Instead of a diamond strand, you can wear gold, silver and even coloured stones.

stacked rings - Kim Kardashian Engagement Celebrity

We recommend you get some gorgeous sets of stacked and regular rings here. Get creative with your rings and send in your pretty pictures to us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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