10 Must-Haves For Your Guest Bedroom Decor

Your guest bedroom decor is a strong indicator of what type of host you are. A little bit of thoughtfulness can go a long way in keeping your guests comfortable and make them feel at home.

These are the few things that will ensure your near and dear ones keep coming back!

1. Keep something to read
Keeping a small stack of books or magazines shows your thoughtfulness. This also works in your favor and keeps your guests entertained if you are busy with errands in and around the house.


2. Cushions and extra pillows
Stack a variety of mixed cushions on the bed. This looks great and gives the room a cozy and cheerful feel. You can also keep assorted sleeping pillows so your guests can pick what they are more comfortable resting their heads on. This will earn you extra brownie points as guests feel better in the space when they get a good night’s sleep.


3. Box of tissues
We recommend a box in the bathroom and and one on the bedside. A simple sneeze shouldn’t leave your visitor running down the hall.


4. Toiletries
You may or may not expect guests to get their own bathroom kit. To avoid this confusion, keep basic needs products like a moisturizer, shower gel, fresh towels and shampoo. Make sure to keep fresh ones, as it leaves a good impression and is also hygienic.


5. Keep space in the closet
Guests coming for a night don’t necessarily need to unpack but when they stay for more than a couple nights; giving them some room in the closet helps them arrange their stuff, and feel more at home. Also provide a few hangers. They will be delighted to see how you understand their needs before they even ask you for it.

Coat Hangers in Empty Closet

6. Dustbin
Make sure to keep one, either in the bedroom or the bathroom, that is easily accessible to your guest. They will appreciate it when they do not have to visit your hallway or kitchen area to throw away small trash.


7. Keep water in the room
Arrange a bottle of water (room temperature or cold, depending on the guest) with glasses.

water bottle

8. Fresh flowers
Keeping a vase of fresh flowers makes the guest bedroom very inviting. Avoid red roses; instead opt for soft colors, which are peaceful.


9. Place to sit
Apart from the bed, a nice one-seater is a good choice. If you have space constraints, consider an ottoman or a puffy stool.


10. Stock the necessities
Everyone forgets to pack something or the other when they travel. What you can do is stock a basic essential kit like toothbrush, hairdryer, etc in dressers or drawers. Some guest would not feel comfortable asking, but this gesture would make them feel very much at home.


Your guests are away from their home comfort and privacy. These tips will make them feel at home, and keep (the ones you really love) coming back to visit.

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