The 10 Types Of Lovers You’ll Find On Holiday

Who doesn’t love a holiday fling? Blame it on the sun, the sea, the sultry weather or the cheap cocktails, but nothing beats a good holiday romance. This exciting combination can bring out the flirty side of even the most prim and proper among us—and before we know it, we’re entwined in a sun-drenched romance with a gorgeous stranger!

Holiday romances have always been about the excitement of being away from day-to-day life. Yet while they can be exhilarating and passionate, the fact is they seldom last. From hooking up with another traveller to falling in love with a local, romance on your travels might occur in the least likely place at the most unexpected time. Here’s a look at 10 different types of lovers you will find on foreign soil.

1. The ‘Against Type’ Date

against type date

So back home you’re only spotted with guys of a certain type. But while you’re in holiday mode, the anti-type—whether it’s the carefree waiter or the sexy bartender in that club you’re partying in—suddenly becomes very appealing. (Of course, there’s a chance all those cocktails you just gulped down greatly contributed to this.) This is the type you’re happy you had a fun night with, but clearly know you don’t want to see again!

2. The ‘Already Taken’ Date

already taken man

With no partner around, out of sight, out of mind is this man’s mantra. And with the margaritas in abundance, he is the one playing away from home. If you meet one of these, he will be charming, fun, romantic—in short, the perfect man—until you find out the reality! Honey, he’s taken and would rather travel light, so he’s going to ditch the baggage before he boards his flight back home. But before that happens, you need to get your speed on, thank him for a vacation with memories for a lifetime and say ‘see you never again’!

3. The Younger Man

younger man

So you’re on vacation and having fun until you meet a hot, young bloke who seems like he can greatly enhance your night. Your younger man’s spunk may seem very thrilling now, but just know that while this one is great on holiday, it isn’t going on display when you’re back home.

4. The Sexy Surfer

sexy surfer

You’re on the beach and guess who you spot—the sexy surfer staring right back at you. With that hot body and a sexy tan to complement it, this one is a lethal combination. The only problem is once you’ve had all that fun and proudly strutted with this arm candy by your side all holiday, the butterflies will fade as quick as that tan—and you’ll realise you don’t have much in common anyway. The love lasts till the lust lasts, and its adieu to them when you leave!

5. The Local

the local

This is one of the easiest traps to fall into! You’re trying to adapt to the country and its true feel, getting familiar with the cuisine and the language, and look who comes along—the hot local who wants to show you all the hidden gems. He fits in perfectly with your holiday mood, making you feel like you belong there—almost making the country your favourite in the world. Just make sure you’re aware of the cultural differences, which become all too vast and varied once you board the flight back home.

6. The ‘Caught In The Moment’ Date’

holiday lover

This one is easy to get over. It happens when you’re partying in a big group of people and everyone is having such a great time. Suddenly all your friends are gushing over you and this certain someone you’ve shared a joke with and keep insisting how cute y’all are—almost subconsciously driving you to hook up with him even though you aren’t completely attracted. Then, what the hell—after all that alcohol, you may as well! The only problem with this one is the next morning you may be a little embarrassed at the thought—that is, if you can recollect what happened at all. ;-)

7. The Foreigner With The Sexy Accent

foreigner date

You’re living it up and totally killing it on your holiday when you come across that charming man with an oh-so-sexy accent (you’ve always dreamed of visiting his country) that makes you go weak in the knees. Just remember that he might seem irresistible in a foreign land, but could be the complete opposite in his own country. Darling, it’s just the holiday situation which creates this feeling—let it pass!

8. The VIP Man

VIP man

This is typically some sort of a sugar daddy or someone who knows the city and its people very well. While you’re struggling to enter some ultra-popular nightclub, he’ll coolly walk in nodding at the bouncers. This sort of a holiday romance has more to do with all the free entries and places the person has access to (and his aura, of course) and little to do with the man himself—which means when you’re done with the city, you’re done with the person as well. Although, you may want to stay in touch with him; you never know when you visit the city again.

9. The ‘On The Prowl’ Date

on the prowl date

This type is messed-up—either he’s on the rebound or is simply desperate to hook up on a holiday. He might be very attractive, but make sure you don’t end up being just another notch on the bedpost (unless you’re okay with that), because this type doesn’t even set the bar too high.

10. The Right Man

the right man

We aren’t trying to discourage you, but there is a 1% chance for this happening at all. Don’t go by this one to decide your fate (you’re most likely part of the 99%). But once in a blue moon life has a beautiful surprise in store for you, where you meet the right man who comes with no tag and baggage. You’re both there for the right reasons and you realise you’ve got a connection deeper than you imagined with so much in common and a feeling that is right. Hurray, girl, this could be for real! You may or may not marry him, but it does have potential to at least go beyond your short-lived holiday.

Remember that love really just pops up unexpectedly. Go looking and you’ll probably be less likely to find it than if you just have fun and see what happens.

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