Father’s Day Special: 10 Unusual Gifts For The Coolest Dads

Anne Geddes has very rightly said, “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” We always talk about how difficult it is to be a mom, but we hardly mention anything that dads do for us. A dad can be your best friend, your teacher, your adviser and, sometimes, even your mom! This Father’s Day, we give you a chance to express your love with these 10 unusual gifts for the coolest man in your life.

If your dad loves his gadgets and carries them around everywhere, he’ll definitely like these products.

1) Virtual Keyboard
Oh, so your dad is a total workaholic? Now he can carry his keyboard wherever he goes.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-virtual keyboard

Buy the Virtual Keyboard here.

2) Rechargeable USB Travel Razor
Now your dad doesn’t need to carry his shaving kit everywhere. This rechargeable razor works wonders, especially for dads who are always on the move.

unusual gifts for dads-rechargeable travel razor

Buy the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor here.

3) Hot Cookie USB Warmer
Dads often get so engrossed in their work that a hot coffee becomes a cold one—even when it’s kept just next to their laptops. But not anymore! With this cool gadget, your dad can keep his coffee warm till he gets done with that important presentation.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-hot cookie usb warmer

Buy the Hot Cookie USB Warmer here.

4) iPad Cozy White Stand
This iPad stand will let your dad see his favourite movies and shows anywhere and everywhere. Its beanbag structure means you can adjust it to different angles and all kinds of surfaces—making it his perfect travel companion.

Picture 5

Buy the Rock Rocket iPad White Stand here.

Your dad sure knows what you’re talking about when you say Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker, and if he loves his drinks as much as he loves you, then you’re definitely going to make his day when you gift him one of these.

1) Perfect Drink Application Controller
Variety is the spice of life. Become a bartender hero and give your dad a new drink each time he says cheers. All you have to do is download this app on your device, connect it to the Perfect Drink and just follow real-time pouring instructions.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-drink app controller

Buy the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending here.

2) Beer-Making Kit
Has your dad been drinking the same brand of beer for ages? This beer-making kit will help him make his own ale.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-beer making kit

Buy the Beer Making Kit here.

3) Golf Bar Set
If your dad’s into golf, he’ll love this cool Golf Bar Set, which has a stirrer, ice-breaker, cork opener, et al.

unusual gift for coolest dads-golf bar set

Buy the Golf Bar Set here.

Have guitars, pianos, drums and lots of CDs occupied all the space in your dad’s room? Add a few more to his collection and let him play tunes even when he’s out.

1) Drum Machine Wallet
No dad will ever complain about expenses when he opens this wallet. The beats of drums will make him forget everything.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-drum machine wallet

Buy the Drum Machine Wallet here.

2) Music Mixer
Loving music is one thing, but what if your dad gets to become a DJ at a party? Sounds cool, isn’t it? Here’s a simple way of getting your dad to mix tracks and create something of his own.

unusual gifts for coolest dads-music mixer

Buy the Music Track Mini Mixer here.

3) Time Travels
What’s better than waking up to the sound of your favourite music?

unusual gifts for coolest dads-time travels

Buy Time Travels here.

This Father’s Day, don’t miss a chance to tell your dad how much you love him by gifting him any of these. Tell us how you made his day in the comments section.

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