11 Signs You Are An Online Shopping Addict

Being the specialists of online shopping, we feel qualified enough to point out an online shopping addict when we see one. And now, making use of our sophisticated technology and years of research even you can find out if you’re an addict by simply going through our list below.

1. You receive more parcels than any of your colleagues. Combined. Most people think that your boyfriend/girlfriend loves you a lot. And you don’t even have one. When anyone asks you, you reply with a straight face,”I didn’t buy them all, most of them are for return”.

online shopping addict

2. You know your size for different brands, stores, even conversions to US, EU, UK. And you give that weird look to those who don’t know theirs.


3. You spend more time on e-commerce sites than on Facebook. Facebook blocked in office? No problem. First thing you do after reaching office is to check Koovs and Fashionara anyway. Plus what are smartphones for?


4. You can easily differentiate the product colour on your screen and mentally know how it will look in actuality. And you’re almost always correct. At other times you might not be able to tell teal from blue or green.

addicted to internet shopping

5. You remember every seasonal sale for every store (including the %age sale of each). Newsletters? Alerts? Who needs them? You have it all on your calendar.


6. You track your order atleast 3 times a day. And you always have something to track.


7. You’ve actually won more than one free gift contest. Just so you know, there are people who have never won one of those. They’re called ‘most people’.


8. You know which brand and stock can be found on which e-store. Less Surfing, More Shopping.


9. You clearly remember stores that allow single-click-checkout from those that don’t. You’re a big supporter of technological innovation in the e-commerce industry.


10. You actually clicked that ‘you-recently-viewed’ ad and bought something. Advertising works just because of you.


11. You have bookmarked discount websites like CouponDunia. You did, didn’t you?



About the Author: Sandeep Bali works for CouponDunia that offers coupons and deals for any e-commerce website in India that you can think of. For more such articles, do visit CouponDunia.in/blog.

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