11 Unhealthy Hair Habits You Need To Give Up STAT

A great hair day means you can overcome almost anything. But on a bad hair day you usually opt for styling, straightening and braiding. However, did you know that these are the very things that cause bad hair days?

Yes, there are a few bad hair habits that take away the charm and youth from your hair, leaving them dull and frizzy. Here are a few that you need to break at the earliest.

bad hair habits

1. Skipping Conditioner
You’re in a hurry and just need a quick wash—will missing conditioner do that much harm? Yes, it will. Conditioner acts as a coat of protection for your hair against dust and pollution. It also helps handle the frizz. Skipping the conditioner often can lead to dry, dead-looking hair.

2. Over Braiding
Braids are adorable and look timeless, but they are not really good for your hair. The pulling, tugging and twisting can leave your hair weak and vulnerable. Does that mean you can’t braid? Of course not, you can do it once or twice a week but avoid every day, and opt for relaxed braids.

3. Extreme Brushing
You know what’s good for your hair? Brushing it well once a day. You know what is bad? Over- or under-brushing. Brushing or combing your hair gets rid of knots, spreads natural scalp oil to your hair and improves blood circulation in the scalp. If you brush too much, you will break and lose hair, while not brushing at all will make the hair frizzy and difficult to manage. Depending on your hair type, learn the right frequency of combing or brushing from your stylist.

4. Product Buildup
Using the same shampoo for years? Your leave-in conditioner and shine serum not working anymore? The reason for this is overuse of hair product or product buildup. The former will lead to hair fall and weakening of hair due to chemicals. The latter simply means you need to take a break. Give up or change your shampoo and other products for a week to let your hair regain its natural texture and oil.

5. Excessive Washing And Oiling
It’s already established that anything in extreme is bad for your hair. If you wash your hair too often it will drain out the natural oils from the scalp, which can leave your hair vulnerable and prone to split-ends. On the other hand, oiling your hair very often will lead to oil residue that makes your hair limp and flat.

6. Using The Wrong Clip/Band
If you have hair on your clip, rubber band or hair accessories when you remove it, it is possible that you are using the wrong type. Go for a loose and smooth band or a clip that is not too tight but offers a good grip.

bad hair habits

7. Bad Face Habits
Using face wash, creams, bleach and other chemicals too close to your hairline can affect your hair adversely. While it may be good for your skin, it is not great for your hair, especially if you have a fringe or bangs. Be careful while applying these chemicals to your face and keep them away from your hair.

8. Picking Split Ends
Admit it, you’ve done this at some point or the other. Picking on your split ends, causing them to split even further and making the ends of your hair prone to breakage. Consciously avoid this.

9. Handling Wet Hair
Wet hair is the most prone to breakage and split ends, so you should be extra careful. Don’t comb or brush hair when it’s wet, only detangle. Also avoid tying or braiding them. Opt for a simple hairstyle when stepping out. If you are blow drying the hair, use a heat protection serum before that.

10. Using Old Styling Tools
Throw away your old brushes, rusted hair irons and tongs as they can seriously damage your hair by breaking them further and causing split ends.

11. Going Too Long Between Haircuts
Okay we’re sure you’ve been guilty of this. Your hair needs a trim every three to four months. Don’t delay, just do it!

Now that you know these habits, it’s time to break them and get healthy tresses. Do share if you have any more habits to add to the list.

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