12 FUN Things You Can Do On Independence Day

We’re sure you’re looking forward to the long weekend! Even if you haven’t planned a quick getaway, an extra day of relaxation is always welcome, right? But what could be even more fun is taking advantage of your holiday and indulging in some fun (and specifically Indian) activities. Here are 12 fun things you can do this Independence Day.

1. Learn how to drape a saree or wear a dhoti
After all, you should know how to wear our national costumes. And even though we don’t wear them on a daily basis, it’s time we learned how to drape them without making a complete mess. So get your mom, sister, neighbour – whoever can teach you to master the art of wearing our national garb.

2. Speak in a non-English Indian language all day Seems simple enough, but this could actually be pretty tough. Also, no Hinglish allowed! “Mera pant loose hai” is not Hindi.

Speak in Hindi

3. Cook a desi meal or at least one Indian dish You may be eating the delicious food made at home everyday, but since you are actually at home and not at work, it could be really fun to cook up an Indian meal. Or at least one desi dish. Also, this will make your grandma supremely happy and give you added points in the arranged marriage market (just kidding!) Cooking Indian Food

4. Ditch the cutlery
Since you have cooked up an Indian meal, may as well eat the Indian way!

Eating with Hands

5. Take this independence day quiz.
Yes, we mean it! It’s for kids, so if you don’t get 12 out of 12 correct, shame on you!

rachel agreeing

6. Learn the words of the national anthem
Since they do play it at all movie theatres, you probably have this one memorised. In that case, listen to another national song and learn the words. Here is a recommendation:

7. Listen to music by indie Indian artists or attend a local concert.
If you want to give classical music a shot, even better.

indian classical music

8. Visit a local monument or heritage spot
If there is a monument of historical significance in your city, and you STILL haven’t been able to make time to see it, this is the perfect day to visit it.

haji ali mumbai

9. Pick up a book by an Indian author Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, RK Narayan, Khushwant Singh, Salman Rushdie, Arvind Adiga – there are so many to choose from (Chetan Bhagat / Amish Tripathi? Whatever floats your boat). If you are planning to curl up with a book, explore the writings of a native author.


10. Join an Indian folk dance workshop (Bollywood does not count!) We’re sure you have access to dance classes. Take a workshop in Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchhipudi, or learn how to play dandiya and burn calories the Indian way!

bharatanatyam (1) 11. Buy a piece of local art or craft
Be it a warli printed wall hanging or a Lucknowi kurta, buy a piece of art that will add some beauty to your home or wardrobe and encourage our local artisans.

Warli wall hanging

12. Wear your country’s colours proudly
This is for the lazy ones! Don orange, white and green proudly. We’re sure you have them in your wardrobe, so have fun with these bright and happy colours.

tri-colour clothes

13. Indulge the shopaholic in you Since you might just be a bit of a shopaholic, and there are tonnes of independence day sales (Limeroad, Koovs, Zovi, etc) this can be your small way of boosting the economy  ;)



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