12 signs you’re dating a mama’s boy

Ladies, we all have dated or are dating men who are annoyingly close to their mom. It’s sweet that these mama’s boys really know how to respect women and will no doubt treat you like a queen but that doesn’t make it any less infuriating. Here are 12 signs you’re dating a mama’s boy just so you know what you have in store for you!

1. The last time you’ll went on a trip together, his mom called him 3 times a day because she missed his presence at home.

2. You may be a masterchef in the kitchen but no matter what you make, it will never come close to his mama’s cooking.

mom cook

3. “That’s not how my mom does it” is a phrase he’s said to you one too many times.

4. He’s 25 and he likes his mommy to cut his nails because apparently he can’t cut them as well as she does!

5. She plays the lawyer while sorting out fights between the two of you and no guesses about who wins the fight when she’s around.

monster in law

6. No decision, big or small can ever be taken without a dozen calls to mom for her sound advice and opinions.

7. The last time you met your man’s mom she reassured you that his feelings for his ex went away before he started dating you. Why? Because he told her about that little spat you’ll had last week over his ex.  He tells her private details about your relationship and thinks nothing of it which makes you wonder what else he shares with mother dearest about you.


8. When your guy is unwell you’ve probably showered him with lots of care and advised him what medicines and steps to take to feel better but he doesn’t follow them till he’s spoken to his mom, who gives him the same instructions to follow.


9. The only time he’s interested in coming shopping is when it’s close to her birthday and obviously it’s your job to help him pick out the perfect gift for her (duh!).

10. Hanging up on you to answer his mom’s call is a common occurrence.

11. He can’t help but shed a few tears while watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham when SRK is forced to leave the house and his mom. After all, it’s all about loving your parents.


12. Always remember, it’s mom’s way or the highway!

mama's boy

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