14 Things That Have Happened Due To Inflation

It’s been going on for a while. Things just keep getting more and more exorbitant! Real estate, fuel, food, clothes etc. are reaching unaffordable levels. The average 20-something has literally no chance of survival if things don’t improve (WE NEED A DAMN RAISE!) Here is a list of the day-to-day encounters that have just gone through the roof in well under a decade.

Cabs/Rickshaws: Before you’d have to scour away for that extra rupee, since neither party were willing to let it go. Nowadays you just round it off. Never have they been so generous.


Roll guy: Your usual Ayub’s and Bade Miya rolls would be literally half the price just a few years back. You’re eating double the quantity now to add to the misery.


500 rupee note: Back then a Rs.500 note in your pocket made you feel immortal. Now you can probably get a pizza.


Sabzi stocking: Vegetables are like gold, people are investing in onions instead of jewellery.


Movie jhol: The advent of multiplexes also saw the demise of single screen theatres. Bunking college to catch a Rs. 40 lower stalls ticket with a Rs. 20 caramel salted mixed popcorn – just brilliant! Today you’re burning that entire Rs.500 note. So much for being immortal.


Beggars bicker: Instead of just putting their hands out they’ve started to demand a price – “bhaiya bees rupaiya dena!” Anything less and they’d probably give you the Rs.20.


Coins are redundant: No one likes to carry them any more. The unofficial smallest denomination is the Rs.10 note.


Lays chips: Air with chips, as we like to call it. The Rs.10 bag will become a pouch soon with two whole chips. After all nobody can eat just one, right?


Entries: Weekend clubbing before was just a few hundred bucks, now it’s in the thousands – JUST TO ENTER.


Alcohol: After you’ve managed to cough up the dough to enter you will need more. A pint of beer at Rs.400? Why not sell my liver while I’m at it, can’t afford to drink anyway.


Rent: More than half your salary goes on rent. Living in a shoebox will be more spacious and cheaper though.


Cola: The ‘Chota’ Coke is still chota, just double the price.


Service Charge: After being drained dry by all the other expenses you’re probably going to be a cheapskate on tips. Worry not! Restaurants have come up with levying a service charge. So whether you liked your waiter or not, he’s still going home with a hefty tip.


Bargaining: It’s pointless! You’re going to spend 20 minutes to get it down by Rs.50? I don’t think so.


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