15 Fashion Rules You Need To Break This Season

No matter how many rules we break otherwise, we’re gravely afraid to violate fashion rules.You probably know the fashion bible better than India’s Constitution but now is the time to let loose and do what you were taught not to do.

Here are 15 fashion rules that you need to break this season:

1)  You Should Not Combine Red With Pink

Red and Pink
When we were in high school and if any girl dared to wear red with pink, she was sure to go down as fashion disaster of the year in every person’s yearbook. But times have changed, it’s time to break the rules. Who sets them anyway? Go ahead, wear red with pink, if anything you will look like a fashion forward diva.

2) Sweatshirts Are For De-glam Workouts


Nothing beats the comfort of a sweatshirt. Those afternoons on the couch when you laze in your sweatshirt for hours are rejuvenating enough to get you out and rolling. And whoever said you can wear sweats only at home or gym probably had no clue about how chic ‘casual’ can be.

3) Never Let Your Bra Be Seen


Remember the times when it would be considered a “wardrobe malfunction” if you unknowingly happened to expose your bra strap? Thankfully, now it won’t be looked upon as uncultured. Wear a sheer shirt with a bra in matching hue and flaunt your lingerie!

Disclaimer: There is an appropriate time and place though for this somewhat risque trend, so do keep that in mind!

4) Less Is More


They say take off one piece of accessory before leaving the house. But if you stack your jewelry so pretty, then we don’t see the need to.

5) Don’t Wear Black With Blue

Kate Hudson

Black and white, black and red, black and beige, black and gold- have been recommended since forever. Black and blue frowned upon? Oh, boy, why? Looks pretty to us!

6) Don’t Mix Metals


Mix gold with silver or with platinum. Feel free to mix your metals. Whatever you learnt about accessories, unlearn it and start afresh.

7) Don’t Wear Socks With Your Sandals


It’s summer and the sun is on our head, trying it’s best to get every part of your exposed skin to tan. Beat the sun and wear socks with your stilettos. Also because it looks super sexy.

8) Wear Sneakers Only With Your Gym Wear


And why we haven’t been wearing sneakers outside gym ? Years of our lives wasted. This combo looks deadly. Complete your feminine chic ensemble with sporty sneakers. Go for it, girl!

9) Don’t Go Head-to-toe In The Same Shade

white monotone

It was considered a faux pas at some point but does this look like a faux pas to you? Go monotone this summer, match your top with your bottoms. Take it up a notch and match your accessories as well.

10) One Print At A Time

mixing prints

Mix polka with floral, leopard with snake, abstract with stripes, paisley with ikat- go crazy with prints this summer. There are no rules.

11) Shiny Outfit = Evening Wear


This is your time to shine. Wear your shimmer during the day as well but sober it down with a basic top or jacket.

12) Dungarees Are For Kids


We’ve probably not worn dungarees after the 90s when it was okay for young ladies to wear it. But since 90s fashion has made a huge comeback, don’t be afraid to look cute in overalls.

13) Back Packs Are For High School Kids


Try out chic mini back packs and see the difference it can make to your ensemble. Also, these are super convenient.

14) You Shouldn’t Wear Red Lipstick During The Day

Red Lips

Bold lips are en vogue and don’t feel afraid to put on red lipstick in the sunlight. Why? Who classifies what is day make up and night make up? As long as it looks as sexy as this, go get red!

15) Follow Fashion Rules To Be A Fashionista

fashion rules

Lastly, unlearn everything you have learnt about fashion. Break all the rules that your version of ‘Mean Girls’ have dictated upon you. Stop following blindly what “popular girls” wear. All the ladies in the house, it’s time to break some rules!

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