15 Things To Brace Yourself For This Summer

April has gone and if that wasn’t hot enough, well, it was just a prelude to the real summer. With the commencement of May, you’re in for a lot more chaos, heat and humidity. Here’s a list of things—both good and bad—that you will definitely encounter. Enjoy the sunshine!

1. Transportation Woes
Be it a taxi, bus, train or car, the heat that these vehicles absorb, retain and pass on to the human body is blasphemous.


2. Showers & Sweat
After you towel down, the humidity begins to play sly tricks on you. You think you’re dry, but you really aren’t.


3. The Demise of Non-Cotton Clothes
Cotton, cotton, cotton. Don’t try to be fashionable at the risk of being uncomfortable.  A day of glory could mean a week of rashes!


4. Talcum Powder
Grandma knows best! It’s the tried-and-tested method to alleviate perspiration for extended periods. It isn’t fool-proof, but it does make you look like a polar bear—and who doesn’t like polar bears?


5. Angry, Sweaty People
Tempers, tantrums and tans are in full swing. Stay away from the boss and anyone who has visibly more sweat patches than usual.


6 Elevator Misery
Yep, it’s a 46-second sauna ride to the 11th floor.


7. Sticky Electronics
Apart from being able to fry an egg on your laptop, look out for that layer of stickiness on your touchscreens—smartphones or sweatyphones?


8. Body Odour
It’s practically everywhere and you can’t do a goddamn thing about it. The KGB could learn a trick or two about biological warfare from a Virar Fast.


9. Ghastly Sunglasses
No, that dude isn’t an alien—those are just plastic neon shades with a silver tint from the 90s. #OldschoolButStillaFool


10. Holidays
Teachers, students, lawyers and basically half the working population try and find time for their getaways. Gulmarg or Jungfrau, you’re going to get an eyeload of aunties wearing saris with sneakers.


11. Mangoes
The grime, the heat and the humidity is worth it all. Who doesn’t like mangoes!? After all, we are all #AamAadmis


12. Golas
Sugary goodness on a stick of crushed ice—just ingenious. Mmmm….slurpppp, slurppppp.


13. Swimming Pools
If you don’t have access to one, befriending someone who does is a brilliant plan. Weekends are so much more eventful.


14. Air-conditioning
Make sure it is serviced and working. God forbid it conks off when you’re sweltering away after two beers and way too much butter chicken.


15. IPL Frenzy
Scandals, parties, gossip and a little cricket thrown in—the media owes half their headlines during this time to the IPL juggernaut.


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