15 Things And What They Mean In Your Mid-Twenties As Compared to Your Teens

As time goes by we’re steadily evolving into that responsible adult we were all moulded up to be. Some of us are still finding the track to the serious life but we’re getting there slowly. While we were teenagers we lived simpler lives with a lot more reckless abandon. As our early twenties have eroded by we have new definitions of our mid twenties, terms we used as teens have whole new meanings now. Here’s a list, enjoy! Just don’t choke on your dentures.

1. Friends: The few that you’re left with, keep em’. As you get older making real friends is harder than Virat Kohli keeping his cool.


2. Parents: So they aren’t that bad after all!


3. Work: Internships and jobs are two separate things; the little glimpse we got was a LIE!


4. Education: It actually matters, so get that post-grad degree if you’re going to go the safe/corporate route. If you think you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg or a trust fund baby, you still don’t need it.


5. Liver: The concept of a rest day finally makes sense.


6. Relationships: Did all the good people disappear or was our pickiness masked by hormones?


7. Food: Fast food used to taste so much better.


8. Money: Wait, I have to earn it now? Who ever made that rule!


9. Responsibility: Wasn’t being left home alone responsible enough?


10. Future: Yep, when this word starts to do the rounds you know you’re in the twilight of your youth.


11. Metabolism: Calories have become your new nemesis.


12. Social Media: The root cause of any self-doubt. Don’t fall for the trap, it’s an artificial network of artificial friends.


13. Clubbing: I’m not paying Rs.400 for a beer.


14. Partying: It’s at someone’s house, usually on rent where you gather on the weekend to drink Old Monk and bitch about your boss.


15. Chilling: Lying in bed for extended periods of time.


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