16 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Mobile

If they are making apps to deal with it (oh the darn irony), mobile phone addiction must be a real thing. Read up to know if you need an intervention.

1) You read the title of the post, and you knew we were talking to you.



2) You can’t even remember how life used to be without cellphones.



3) You have an app for everything. Literally.



4) The last thing you do every night is check your phone.



5) The first thing you do every morning is check your mobile.


There’s A Graph To Prove It And Everything


6) That moment when you momentarily cannot spot your phone. *Panic mode activated*



7) People keep suggesting you play these games, where you stack your phone on the table, etc. And you’re just like, you know, whatevs, umm, not interested.

8) Most times you are so busy on your phone you’re not listening to what’s being said, even though you deny it with all your might.



9) You hate it when random people try to touch/play/see your phone. What’s your problem, bitch?


10) You may have drunk dialled or texted once or twice. Or more.

547162_366873656712137_1570246399_nSo Addicted You Can’t Keep It Away On Your Night Out

11) If your phone is acting up, you will be in the worst mood of your life.

spill-cellphone-ecard (1)


12) Two words: Tired Fingers.

it-hurts-thumbText Some More Perhaps?

13) Selfies. So many selfies.



14) When your phone doesn’t have network, you start to think about life and what’s the point of living it.



15) Admit it. You have used your mobile in the past as an excuse to ignore someone.



16) The Ultimate Sign: you take it to the loo. ‘Nuff said.



Relate to these signs? Need to send a gentle reminder to your friend?

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