18 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

Rules of ProcrastinationRules of Procrastination

You spend most of your waking hours worrying about deadlines, errands and to-do-lists. And yet for reasons known only to fate you always seem to have pending work and keep running around last minute to get things done. You also believe your astrologer when he says that all this bad luck with work is because of  Rahu and Ketu acting against you. Before you play the blame-game with your planetary positions we suggest you take a closer look into your daily existence and watch out for these 18 signs that make you my friend the ‘Pro’ at being a procrastinator. Seems like you have been avoiding work in as many creative ways possible, fella!

1. At the start of this year (and few others) one of your resolutions was to: Get Things Done on Time. Aai Shapath!

2. You believe in to-do-lists like some people believe in fairytales. It’s your comfort zone where it doesn’t require you to actually do any of the enlisted work. You enjoy it so much that you secretly wish that this could be your profession where people paid you to make to-do-lists.

To-do-listAnd Check.

3. If someone checked your internet history at work, they would then know that most of your office hours are spent on social networking sites and watching random videos on Youtube instead of working.

4. You are the go-to-person to know what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram since you refresh your feeds every minute.

social media addictsFacebook always wins.

5. A friend is in the office neighbourhood and wants to catch up for coffee. Instead of prioritising your work, you suddenly realise how much you miss this dear friend of yours and take up the offer.

6. You have downloaded each and every free productivity app on your phone and recommend it to others. Even though you haven’t used a single one yet.

ProcrastinationProcrastination Defined

7. Thanks to mutual friends and high-speed internet at work, you have acquired excellent Facebook stalking abilities. You are always in the know about who’s getting married, having a baby, taking a vacation in Hawaii and other irrelevant information.

8. You discover new hobbies every day. From the ancient art of calligraphy to trying your hand at knitting, you have tried it all.


9. You live from deadline to deadline. In fact your experience tells you that you work best under pressure and your productivity shoots up as your deadline comes closer. You smartie, you.

10. Your work sheet often lands up looking like this.

DoodlesI dream of Doodles

11. You often day dream about finishing all your work and actually get convinced that you are done with it. Ta-da!

12. You want to change the world one Google Search at a time. You want to know and understand the meaning of anything and everything.

Google SearchYou like to Google everything

13. You might have a phobia of clocks. Anything that reminds you of how time elapsed. Pata hi nahi chala.  

14. You have a knack for making excellent excuses.

ProcrastinatorExcuses. Excuses. Excuses.

15. You love Sundays. Because that’s the only day you can officially say NO to work.

16. You constantly feel guilty about having a good time. Because you know, all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

ProcrastinationYou are probably doing this right now

17. Your attention span is worse than that of a new born baby.

18. And last but not the least, you are reading this list when you are actually supposed to be working.Know of any more signs to add, tweet to us @get_inonit and @deepikahariani

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