20 Hair-tastic Ways to Treat and Prevent Split Ends

Imagine what would happen if, when Rapunzel let her hair down for the prince, they broke off midway or had rough, entangled ends. She would probably never be rescued. Yes, with split ends, every day is a bad hair day. But although we’re no Prince Charming, we can come to your rescue. Follow these simple tips to save you from those pesky split ends.

Treat Spilt Ends
Once you’ve got split ends, there is no other choice but to cut off your hair. However, if you don’t want to go short, you can minimise the damage by making your hair stronger and smoother. (This way, the split ends will look less prominent.) Here’s how you can do it.

Split ends - treat them

1. Smoothen your hair by deep conditioning. Use leave-in conditioners and organic hair products to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

2. If you want to stay away from chemicals, use home remedies such as yoghurt, oil, ghee and butter to keep hair soft. Take a small quantity and apply it at the ends. Wash off after a few hours.

3. Strengthen your hair by adding nutrients such as folic acid and vitamins to your diet. Consult your doctor before you take supplements.

4. Before styling your hair, apply a protective serum or a light layer of oil to your ends for protection.

5. Go for a specific split-end removal treatment to an experienced stylist. He/she will ensure that your current split ends are removed without reducing your length, and that your new hair grows out healthy.

6. DO NOT pick out your split ends and remove them manually. They will grow back looking more frizzy.

7. Don’t go for products that claim to ‘heal’ split ends. These may minimise the damage, but won’t completely repair them.

Prevent Split Ends

So you’ve finally gotten rid of those pesky double-ended hair. Prevent them from coming back by trying these tips.

Split ends - prevent them
7. You use moisturiser on your skin everyday; then why leave out your hair? After every wash, use a serum on your hair.

8. Avoid washing your hair every day. Give it at least a two-day break to help your hair regain its natural oils.

9. Ask for suitable products from your hairstylist when you are getting treatments such as colouring or straightening done.

10. Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush on freshly dried hair, as the hair is more vulnerable at that time.

11. Always use a heat protecting product before you blow-dry or iron your hair at home. Direct heat is one of the main causes of split ends and hairfall.

12. When you get a haircut, check if your stylist has got rid of almost all your split ends. This will help your hair grow out healthy.

13. Along with protein and folic acid, add walnuts, berries and and green leafy vegetable in your diet. Your hair will thank you.

DIY Home Remedies for Preventing Split Ends

Split ends - home remedies

14. Once in a fortnight, apply a small quantity of oil to your ends before going to bed. Don’t wash off immediately the next morning. Wash your hair by mid-day or early evening. Since, the oil quantity is negligible your hair will look lustrous and smooth all day.

15. Take about 2tsp castor oil, olive oil or almond oil and add it to your regular coconut oil bottle. Apply it generously on the ends to ensure that your hair grows strong and the ends remain hydrated.

16. Take 1tbsp oil and add it to a bottle of boiling water. Shake and let cool to lukewarm temperature. Massage this mixture into your hair and leave it on for half an hour to get soft, smooth silky hair from root to tip.

17. Papaya is recommended by most experts for your hair. Take a ripe papaya, blend it into a paste and mix it with yoghurt. Apply to your scalp and hair, especially to the ends and wash after half an hour. The results will be stunning.

18. Make a powder of 1tbsp fenugreek (methi) seeds and 1/2 cup black grams (urad dal) and mix with 1/2 cup of yoghurt. Use it as a hair mask all over your scalp and hair and wash after two hours.

19. Instead of using a conditioner, try this. Mix 1tbsp cream with 1/2 cup milk till you get a light paste-like consistency. Apply it on your hair after shampooing. Ensure that you rinse it properly as it can get sticky.

20. Aragan oil works like magic for frizzy, damaged hair. While it is expensive, it is totally worth every drop you apply on your hair. Consult your hairstylist to learn more about its applications.

Hope you use these tips and get gorgeous locks. Let us know if you have something to share.

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