20 Things Every 20 Something Indian Girl Must Have

Hey ladies! For those of you in your 20s, you won’t realize how fast this fun decade will slip by, so make sure you make it count. Here are 20 things that every 20 something Indian girl must have.

1. A Funky Hairstyle

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Now He Knows Styling

Now I’m not talking about a constantly perfect style, but a hairstyle that can make any bad hair day go away. If you don’t have one then get a hat/cap/accessory that distracts from the hair and makes you look cute.

2. A Dressy Clutch


Silver Clutch

If you’re anything like me then you like large bags which can fit your whole world in it. But get a clutch, one that will go with most of your clothes. It makes the whole outfit come together and makes you look effortlessly flawless.

3. A Cute Pair Of Pajamas


Dress to impress with your sense of humour

You know when your new boyfriend is coming over and you don’t want to dress up but still want to wear something fun. This is when you whip out this cute number. I’m not talking slinky victoria’s secret but a cute quirky one. 

4. A Quirky Accessory

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Copy Lady Gaga’s Style

Talking about quirky, this accessory is the thing that gets attention the second someone glances at you. It’s huge, different and unusual. Not to mention that the cute guy who hangs out at the same cafe as you, now has an easy way to start a conversation with you.

5. An Astrologer (On Speed-dial)

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The Magic Crystal Ball will Fix All

Yes, I know. You don’t believe in it. But let’s, for ones second, pretend that you do. This is the perfect person to call when you are doubtful about whether you will or not get into that college or that company, will get married this year, if that hair on your chin will go away. You get the picture. Basically it eases your mind, if only temporarily.

6. A Red Dress


Yes, not a black dress, but a red one. Why? Imagine walking into a club with a blood red dress on, lights flashing and your ex standing in the corner with his jaw dropped. Yeah? Go. Shop. Now.

7. A Stylish Pair of Pumps

DONE BY NONE Pointed Toe Pumps Rs.1,899

Three pairs of pumps are necessary for every girl. A black one, a red one and a nude one. If your budget allows doesn’t allow you to splurge all at once, skip the other two and go for the nude one for now. Just make sure the shade matches your skin perfectly. It’ll make you look like you have endless legs.

8. A Magazine Subscription

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Stack Of Magazines

Yes, I know I’m living in the stone age. Kindles, Ipads etc are taking over the world. But nothing beats leafing through your favourite magazine while sitting on the potty doing your morning business. Not to mention if you drop it in water accidentally you won’t freak out. 

9. A Signature Drink

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Your favourite flavours mixed together at the end of a bad day giving you a buzz is all that you need to make the day better. Brownie points to your date who knows by date three, what to order for you.

10. A Friend With Benefits

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Talk about Benefits

This friend does anything and everything for you. The occasional booty call, pretending to be your boyfriend to ward off lecherous men, and fixing your computer when it is in need. Keep him safe ladies. Just don’t actually date him.

11. Medical Insurance

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Doctor’s cost a bomb

Do I even need to explain this one? Just get it. You don’t want to be spending money that you could have spent on your shopping wishlist on doctors.

12. A Go To Indian Outfit


Pretty Indian Outfit

Let it be whatever you are comfortable in – a saree, a salwar, anarkali, whatever you please. Make sure it is demure and lovely. The perfect outfit to ward off the conservative aunty you have, who constantly bad mouths our generation at family get togethers. You can also argue with her or ignore her but why tussle when you can have a good time.

13. A Foolproof Recipe

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She started early

Yes, cooking isn’t for everyone but it has to be because everyone needs to eat. Learn one recipe and make sure you know it without having to refer to a book or a YouTube video (Unfortunately, Maggi doesn’t count). This will be your go to recipe when your cooking skills are called into question, or just when you are really broke and need to feed yourself!

14. A Secret Skill

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Tricky indeed

You know, making fart noises with your teeth (that’s mine) or magically juggling a tv, a sofa and an orange. It’s your secret weapon and it can be whipped out when a situation is so boring that it needs immediate intervention.

15. A Signature Perfume

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Signature scene

Indian women, please take into account the climate we live in when you choose this. It has to last through some stinky streets and the sweltering heat. Once you find your signature perfume, you’re set. Wear this through your first few dates and you’ll be known by your scent.

16. Saree Tying Skills

Sonam Kapoor in a Yogesh Choudhary saree

Sonam Kapoor in a Yogesh Choudhary saree

I was in for a huge shock one day when at a destination wedding, my friend came running to me holding half her saree in her hand. Evidently she didn’t know how to tie one and I had to stop eating and run into the loo to help her. Please learn this skill, we are Indian, let’s embrace our lovely, confusing, nine yards of cloth.

17. A Personalized Car Accessory

Bachcha Party

Quirky Car Stuff

With the way the traffic is these days we spend most of our lives in our vehicles. So why not make it personal by adding something that cheers up your car. It could be a bobblehead, some sparkle to your dashboard or a car sticker. Make your car uniquely you.

18. A Bookshelf (With Books)

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Intellectual is the new sexy. And everyone wants to be seen as intellectual. But you can’t be seen that way without a beautiful bookshelf filled with books that no one understands. Not to mention, if you always carry a book with you, you have social armour and a conversation starter. Just make sure you actually know what it’s all about.

19. A Cool Phone Case


Perfect for an artist

Everyone has the same smart phones these days – Iphones, Samsung, Nexus etc. But what they don’t have, is the same phone case as you. Get one that shows off who you are, comes across as what you want to be seen as, girlie, artsy, childlike or OTT. Or even better, DIY your case. 

20. A Regular Hangout Spot


I’d love this hangout

Now pay attention because this is very important. A regular hangout spot can do things that not many other places can. It can get you out of a bad blind date because you can signal your friends who are also probably hanging out there. You can feel safe because you know all the staff working there. And on days when you’re broke, you can just go and hang out there with your friends without ordering anything.

I hope you enjoyed this list. Do let me know if you’d add anything to this.

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