23 Facts About The Fashion World You Didn’t Know

Are you a fashionista? Would you confidently call yourself an educated individual in the world of fashion? Here are 23 facts to test your true knowledge.  Get a pad and pen, we’re gonna keep score!

1)      From 1920-22 Coco Chanel used to serve crepes under the Eiffel Tower. A lot of her inspiration came from her interactions with people while making piping hot crepes. Bon appetite!


2)      In the early 90s Manish Malhotra used to be a Bollywood back-up singer before he made his foray into the world of fashion. He’s sung on hit tracks like – Aaj Mein Upar &Tujhe Dekha (DDLJ guys!)

Manish Malhotra

3)      All the crocodile leather used by Louis Vuitton have been fed A-grade poultry and livestock. It’s said to have a softening effect on the harsh crocodile hide. That’s why you’re paying upwards of $2000 for a belt. McNugget anyone?


4)      The fashion magazine Vogue gives all its chief editors world over a free reign of the magazines wardrobe. They’re entitled to keep, wear and sell any merchandise. Talk about job perks!


5)      Lady Gaga hand selected Kobe tenderloin meat for her ‘meat dress’ at the 2010 MTV Video Music awards. After the show the meat was cooked and fed to a homeless shelter in southern Los Angeles.


6)      In 2008 Oscar De La Renta turned down a 13 million dollar offer to become editor-in-chief of Elle magazine worldwide, citing his age and his lack of love for Elle as a brand.


7)      Nishka Lulla was a classically trained sitar player before she decided to take the fashion designer career path. Her mother was insistent that she continue playing, even seeking tutelage from the late Ravi Shankar but Nishka was adamant on following in her mothers footsteps.


8)      L’Oreal had signed on Kangana Ranaut to be their brand ambassador for India before roping in Sonam Kapoor. Kangana decided to back out last minute since her beau-at-the-time Aadhyayan Suman didn’t want her to get ‘too famous’. Ahh true love!


9)      The New York Fashion Week has a strict policy against rudeness. Models and designers that are deemed to be offensive or derogatory in their conduct during the week are fined by the managing committee. This is all in lieu of sprucing up the image of the city as being friendly and welcoming in spite of the stereotypes.


10)   All citizens of Milan pay a fashion tax of 1.3% from their incomes. The Italian fashion hub uses these funds for fashion tourism and educational purposes. The only way to avoid the tax is to move your residence outside city limits.


11)   Tommy Hilfiger donated 2 million dollars to Oprah Winfrey’s charity The Angel Network after his infamous racist comments. Oprah decided to use that 2 million and purchase Tommy Hilfiger clothes for the entire refugee camps in Somalia and sent pictures to Tommy Hilfiger with a ‘Thank You’ card.


12)   Marc Jacobs was caught in London for hiring 42 male escorts for his 42nd birthday. He was later released on bail after his lawyers proved that it was Marc’s assistant who had hired the escorts and not Marc himself. Talk about the Foxy Forties!


13)   Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (a.k.a Kimye) were going to start a baby line of clothes called North West South East after their baby North West. But producers of Kim’s reality show wanted a 40% stake in the clothing line citing publicity claims, so they decided to shelve the idea. At least the kid will never need a compass.


14)   Levis denims introduced denim underwear in the late 1960’s for hippies. They didn’t need to be washed daily and it complied with the flower power lifestyle. It was discontinued in the early 80’s after the advent of the Metal Rock era where leather pants were the new fad.


15)   Anita Dongre in the only Indian fashion designer to have appeared on the Forbes Top 100 Most Influential Women in 2012. The only other Indian female to achieve this milestone was Aishwariya Rai in 2005.


16)   Anna Wintour has had the same hairstylist since 1982, who now travels with her where ever she goes. Pierre Joseph is a Parisian native and has been keeping Anna’s trademark mane impeccable as ever for over 3 decades.


17)   Tarun Tahiliani is an obsessive dog lover, he has 6 Chihuahuas, 4 Labradors and 3 Alsatians at his Karjat farm house. Can I get a woof woof!?


18)   Wendell Rodricks is actually a cousin to the Colonial Cousins, 2nd cousin to be precise. Now the moustache makes so much more sense.


19)   Heidi Klum took the show Project Runaway after Gisele Bundchen was rejected due to her thick Brazilian accent and her flop role in the movie Taxi. Producers of the show were worried their TRPs would go down.

Project Runway

20)   Kate Moss’ daughter, Lila Grace Moss has the coolest godfather possible. Yes, none other than Sir Paul McCartney. Her sweet sixteen could have the most epic band gig ever!


21)   Prada was paid $2.3 million dollars by the producers of The Devil Wears Prada. Originally it was going to be The Devil Wears Gucci, but the Gucci management wanted a higher cut in royalties and therefore Prada got the contract.


22)   Polka Dots were first worn by the U.S military during World War One as camouflage attire.


23)   Happy April Fool’s Day. Now share and care!  You know your friends deserve it. ;)


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