2 Beauty Gadgets To Obsess Over (And One We Are Eagerly Waiting For!)

Beauty gadgets are being invented everyday. But once in a while, the invention is so mind-blowing that you can’t help but be captivated. From giving yourself a facial and skin treatment to printing your own makeup line, these beauty products allow you to pamper yourself right at home without burning a hole in your pocket. We’ve listed down three beauty products worth knowing that we are patiently (while biting our nails) waiting for.

1. Nufabrx Pillowcase For Blemish-Free Skin

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This pillowcase is handcrafted from bamboo fibres. Through the technology of microencapsulation, the serum, which contains lavender, lemon balm, tea tree oil and wintergreen oil, remains embedded in the fibres even after washing. The serum is slowly released while you are sleeping, keeping your skin fresh and clean.

InventorJordan Schindler, David Anderson and Mikhail Stolpner
Where To Buy It: Amazon and Nufabrx
Price: About Rs 1,900

2. Illumask LED Anti-Ageing Treatment Mask

beauty gadgets

This mask uses light therapy to treat skin that shows signs of ageing. It has two different lights (blue and red); the blue LED light therapy reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while the red one reduces roughness and evens out the skin tone, leaving you looking younger.

InventorsLa Lumière group
Where To Buy It: Amazon
Price: About  Rs 5,600

Stay Tuned For:

3. Mink 3-D Makeup Printer

beauty gadgets

Mink, the creation of Harvard business graduate Grace Choi, is a 3D desktop printer that will enable you to print makeup. Yes, that’s right! It can transform any image into a usable cosmetic and will let you be in charge of what colour and kind of product you want to print. Here’s how it works: you take a picture off the Internet or click it on your phone camera. Next, select the colour code (the printer will give you options) and it will print a lip gloss, blush or eye shadow in that colour. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? We can’t wait for it to be out on the shelves!

Inventor: Grace Choi
Expected Price: Between US$200 to US$300 (Rs 12,000 to Rs 19,000)

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Images courtesy: gizmag.com, illumask.com, nufabrx.com, beautybythegeeks.com

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