How To Get That Hourglass Figure: 4 Shapewear Styles You Must Buy Now

It’s no secret that most women—from celebrities to stay-at-home moms and college students to young professionals—turn to shapewear when they want to look flawless for a red-carpet moment or simply when they want to look their best. Even so, buying shapewear is not exactly the most exciting activity and is most likely to get pushed right to the last of your list of to-dos. Luckily, there are a ton of brands that are now offering a wide variety of shapewear lines online. Read on to figure out how to wear the item you need to accentuate your curves.

Full Body Shaper
A full body shaper flattens areas of the body, from the bust to the stomach, bottom, and thighs. Some variations may focus only on the chest to buttocks areas. These are ideal if you are just trying the trend out and want to see what works for you. They are less restrictive than those which cover the thighs as well. Full body shapers slim the stomach, waist and bottom, while lifting the breasts. Some are designed to lift and accentuate the buttocks, and those with thigh panels help to slim and smooth the thighs.
Full Body Shapewear, Hanes Seamless Body SlimmerWhen to wear it: Because they give total coverage, full body shapers are perfect to wear under daily outfits like skinny jeans and a top. They are also perfect for formal wear as they smoothen out the flaws and keep underwear lines at bay.
Remember: Full body shapers can take considerable time to put on and take off, particularly for the inexperienced wearer. Also they may be a tad more expensive than other shapewear, although they are still very popular because they offer complete body shaping. Some even offer back support, encouraging good posture and helping to relieve back pain.

Half Body Sculptor
As the name suggests, a half body sculptor sits below the breasts, and reaches the bottom or thighs. These undergarments provide similar shaping to the full body sculptor, but do not provide any lift to the breasts. Half body sculptors are used not only to smooth out problem areas, but also to create an hourglass figure, cinching in at the waist to a degree.
Half Body Sculptor

When to wear it: Since it focuses on cinching the waist and buttocks area, it can be worn with pretty much anything that doesn’t reveal the midriff of course. Wear it with your regular jeans and top combo or to the office under your office dress.
Remember: They are slightly less restrictive than full body sculptors, but more restrictive than thigh shapers. For a more feminine appearance, lace edged models are also available.
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Thigh Shapers
Thigh shapers, very popular with Indian women, help to smooth out the appearance of cellulite on the hips, thighs, stomach and bottom. They work to trim the size of these areas by holding them in. Some varieties only have slimming panels around the thighs and do not offer shaping panels around the stomach and bottom.
Thigh Tucker

When to wear it: Thigh shapers are ideal for women who have cellulite on their thighs and bottom. Because they tone the thighs, they are perfect for wearing under tight trousers, pencil skirts, bandage dresses and even saris!
Remember: Choose varieties without leg bands as no lines are visible through the outer garments and leg bands can dig into the flesh making them very uncomfortable. These shapers are less expensive and also less restrictive than other types of shapewear.
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Slip Shaper
A slip shaper, or a shaper in the form a sleeveless slip, is designed to control the shape and appearance of the hips, bottom and thighs.
When to wear it: It is ideal to wear under a dress or a skirt, especially a fitted dress.
Slip Shapewear

Remember: When choosing a slip shaper, consider the length of the skirt compared to the length of the shapewear. If the slip is too long, it will show beneath the dress or skirt, which is a major turn off. Also, in an attempt to get that hourglass figure, don’t opt for something too figure hugging which will restrict your walking movement. Some varieties also have straps to offer extra support while others are strapless and can be worn with strapless and halter-neck dresses.
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