4 Stylish Jackets To Make You The Office Fashionista

Do you usually reach out for your trusty, basic navy blazer when you are getting ready for work? Or does the idea of going formal for you mean a pinstriped black jacket? Either ways, you don’t have to be boring when wearing formals. We bring you four stylish jackets that will instantly spruce up your work wardrobe.

1. Ruffle Collar Jacket

ruffle collar jacketAnn Taylor Ruffle Collar Jacket. Buy here

This jacket by Ann Taylor is one of our favourites, as it is both conservative and stylish. The ruffled collar adds something special to the jacket; however, should you need the jacket for a more casual event, you can remove it. You can also pick up a ruffle cardigan from Stalk Buy Love here.

2. Tweed Jacket

moto tweed jacketTake your pick from Ann Taylor’s tweed jackets here

If you work in a creative office, this is the jacket for you! Ann Taylor’s Moto Tweed Jacket is edgy, while also remaining work appropriate. The faux leather trim has trendy details, and the asymmetrical zipper is extremely stylish. Pairing this jacket with a bold yet classy necklace gives it just the right tone for work. Want more tweed products? Get them here.

3. Peplum Jacket

peplum jacketGet a range of peplum jackets here

A  peplum jacket is certainly the fanciest one on this list. It’s great for client meetings, especially if paired with a basic pencil skirt and bright cotton blouse.

4. Lace Jacket

lace blazerBuy this Stalk Buy Love lace blazer here

If you want to look feminine yet mean business, a lace jacket is right for you. Go all out lace for a dainty look, or pick a jacket with lace details on the back or sides. Pair with straight-fit pants and a plain top for a chic look.

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