Do Try This At Home: 4 Trendy Crop Top DIYs

We’re back in the 90s! Nah, we don’t mean the weird hairdo, chalky makeup and Govinda movies. We mean the hot trend on runways – crop tops. Now, we’ve already told you how to wear this style and a quick DIY. But, here we present 4 innovative ways to create high fashion at home with crop tops.

Knot Crop Top
While you have learnt how to cut your old tops and make it en vogue, here’s a cool twist. Take a tank top and cut off stripes till about one inch below the bust line. Ensure that the stripes are even numbered. If you are not sure, try to draw lines beforehand. Now, try two strands together. Take one left over strand of one knot, and one strand of another and tie together at a distance to create a diamond-like shape. Continue doing this, and cut off excess fabric.

Knot Crop Top

Cut-Out Crop Top
Take a regular tee and cut it to crop level as per your body size. Wear it create a small mark right below your bust line in the middle. Take off the top, make a small cut on the mark, and tie the top section horizontally. Voila, you have a cut out crop top!

Cut-Out Crop Top
Off-Shoulder Crop Top
This one is simple, but looks like a pro design. Cut off your old top to crop level. Now wear it and carefully measure the length of your shoulder and neck, and the depth of the top. Take it off and cut off the section carefully. Opt for horizontal striped top for ease. If your sleeve is a bit too loose, then try gathering the top ends and stitching them for a smocked effect.

Off Shoulder Crop Top
High Fashion Crop Top
Get a Paris high fashion feel with this designer inspired wrap crop top. This may be a tad tough, but it will be worth your time and effort. Keep measure tape and pins handy for this one.

Cut your regular tank top as show in the image, based on your body measurements and the length you prefer. Now wrap it and tie it behind. Mark and pin the area where you need small stitch in the front. Once you remove it, stitch it and fold or cut the excess fabric. You may wear it alone or on top of another quirky tee. Try it.

High Fashion Crop Top

Let us know if you try any of these at home and send images to @get_inonit.

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