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I salivate at the very thought of writing this post, for God knows I love my alcohol. Look away all uncles, aunts and parental figures for not only do I love my booze, I talk of it with more passion than I talk of many other things. And I have, brace yourself, personally sampled all the alcohol I speak of in this post. Not only that, the following list comprises of the winners. That’s right, the 5 best cocktails in Mumbai. There are many more that didn’t make it to the list. Better luck next time to the ones that didn’t feature, I hope you are just shaken and not stirred.


1. Long Beach Iced Tea at TGIF

Never heard of it? Well you surely have heard of Long Island Iced Tea. Yes, that sinister drink that looks like an ordinary iced tea but is actually the devil’s own bartending skills at work with 4-5 different spirits and cola.

The Long Beach Iced Tea isn’t very different. Just that the cola is replaced by a juice (usually cranberry). This makes your drink prettier to look at and sweeter to taste, and oh so deceptive.

I strongly recommend the LBIT at TGIF, Friday or no Friday.

InOnIt Special Tip: They used to have it on their menu once upon a time. But now you have to specially ask them to make it. Go for it we say, it’s so totally worth it.

TGIF, Located at 1st Floor, Palladium Mall, Extension of Entry road to Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Phone: 022 6615 5687


Too Yum To Be True

2. Strawberry Mojitos at The Daily

It is not daily that you chance upon the perfect drink, but when you do, it’s at The Daily in Bandra. Oh my sweet strawberries, I am so glad I was feeling experimental and I asked the bartender what type of mojitos they had. Again, these are not on the menu and are almost a result of me challenging the bartender as if he wasn’t worth his tequila. He rose to the challenge and brought me the most sumptuous mojitos in all the land. I extended this fervour by ordering a pitcher and the rest, as they say, is a hangover. But if you like your cocktails to be white rum based and you like them to be yummy, I definitely recommend these lovely strawberry mojitos.

The Daily, Located at Ground Floor, Suburbia Building, Linking Road, S V Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. Phone: 9920446633

3. Tiki Puka Puka at Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge

I say you have this one just because the name is so funny. I can’t resist the sheer pleasure of looking around the table and saying, shall we order a Tiki Puka Puka as if it’s serious business. Well the truth is, this drink really shouldn’t be taken lightly. I had to look up the internet for what really makes this drink (3 different types of rum, orange juice, some special essence, a flower and mint to garnish); for when you try it, the fruity yet strong flavour envelopes you and you sip away happily swaying along with the plants at Mai Tai Lounge. The Tiki masks, tropical atmosphere, music in the background, and large bowl (tiki bowl) you are served the drink in add to the experience of the famous Tiki Puka Puka and I say you give this one a shot (more like a tall glass) as soon as you can.

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge, Located at 1st Floor, Phoenix Market City, Kurla West, Mumbai. Phone: : 02261801615

Tiki Puka Puka
Mai Tai Lounge Is Known For Interesting Cocktails


4. Melon Sangria at SaltWater Café

I could sense that the wine drinkers were beginning to lose interest in this post. Don’t you worry, for just like wine this post gets better with time. Yes, this one’s an ode to Sangria lovers. You absolutely cannot miss the divine Melon Sangria (white wine base) at SaltWater Café. The winter months are perfect to sit on the terrace (Bandra branch), sip on this gift to alcoholic-kind, and talk away the night. What’s more? They have happy hours that will help you become a confirmed fan. You know what they say, when life hands you melons!

SaltWater Café, Located at Rose Minar Annexe, 87, Chapel Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Phone: 02226434441


Rejoice Sangria Lovers

Rejoice Sangria Lovers

5. Green Apple Daiquiri at Woodside Inn

Memory fails me whether these are on their menu (yeah, you could say I have problems), but these portions of green awesomeness do exist. My most favourite version of the Daiquiri ever, these give all the possible cocktails a run for their money. Think rum, think ice, think lime, think sugar on the rim and beyond a point, just don’t think. What I like about the Daiquiris at Woodside is that they are made to perfection, not too sweet and not too sour. That’s a fine balance I’ll have you know. I’m very partial to Woodside (it’s one of my favourite places) and that’s why I had to end my list with this yummy cocktail.

Woodside Inn, Located at: Wodehouse Road, Opp Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai. Phone: 02222875752

Also, after writing all about alcohol, I’m feeling drunk on my own words. You go out there, have a fabulous weekend and do tell me if these met your standards. Disagree with this list? Have stuff to add?

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[Please do not drink and drive. Issued in Public Interest]

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