Pull Up Your Socks: 5 Cool Ways to Wear the Warm Accessory

You have probably got your jackets and pullovers from the back of your closet; cause “Baby it’s cold outside.” Besides the scarves and wraps, socks are fun accessories for the winter season. Here are 5 stylish ways to wear socks when the temperature drops.

Layered Pop

Get coloured socks with cute frills on the rim or lace detail, wear them with heels and even peep toes. They will add instant brightness to your outfit and provide a funky feel.

Socks Styles with Heels

Vintage Voyage

Remember when in school your knee-high socks needed to be just perfect. You may follow the same ‘rule’ but with a twist. Get knee-length socks with hearts and other adorable prints to get a retro feel.

Socks Style - Vintage

Boot Effect

Love high boots but not cold enough to wear them? Try this, get matching knee-high socks with your booties. These will give a boot-like look while still suiting the city and the weather.

Stylish Socks - Boots

Grunge Meet Girl

If your workplace allows you to be funky or if you want to dress different for the day, wear colour blocked socks with printed shoes or chic metallic socks with punk style boots. Try it to know it!

Socks Styles - Grunge

Style Fiesta

Since prints are everywhere, why should socks be left out? Match printed socks with single colour boots, sports shoes and even heels. To enhance a plain dress or jumpsuit you may opt for printed knee-high socks.

Socks Style - Prints

Stay warm and be cool with these stunning socks styles.

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