Do You Wax, Shave Or Thread? Your Hair Removal Technique Decoded

Ever wondered how your favourite stars always have gorgeous smooth legs, while you can never get the same look no matter how often you wax? That’s because different hair removal techniques are suitable for different parts of the body. We tell you all you need to know about the hair removal treatments out there and which ones are best for you.

1. Waxing
How to: Hot or cold wax is applied to your skin and hair. Then, a paper strip is used on that area and ripped off in one go along with your hair.
Ideal for: Arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and upper lip.
Pros: Waxing keeps your legs looking smooth and hair-free for two to three weeks and the hair grows back soft.
Cons: It can be very painful and you might have to wait for the hair to grow long before you can wax again. Additionally, it can miss very short hair and cause in-growths.

hair removal treatments pros and cons
2. Shaving
How to: You can remove the hair on your body using a woman’s razor; they come in disposable and reusable alternatives.
Ideal for: Arms, legs, underarms and bikini area.
Pros: Shaving is affordable, painless and easy to do at home. It removes the shortest hair and there is no need to wait for the hair to grow long again.
Cons: Since shaving simply ‘cuts’ the hair, it grows back faster. Additionally, the hair that grows has a rough feel to it. While shaving does not normally cause in-growths, it can cause marks and in-growth for sensitive skin, especially in the bikini area.

hair removal treatments pros and cons
3. Epilating
How to: An epilator is a hand-held device created specially to remove the hair from its roots with the help of rotating tweezers.
Ideal for: Arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and face
Pros: The mechanism of epilating is similar to waxing, so you will have smooth results and no hair growth for two to three weeks. It comes with different attachments for different areas like the face, underarms and legs and can remove small hair, unlike waxing. Also, no sticky wax to contend with.
Cons: It is one of the most painful ways of removing hair, especially in sensitive areas. The attachments may need replacement often and they need to cleaned thoroughly to avoid infections.

hair removal treatments pros and cons
4. Threading
How to: Using cotton thread between fingers, fine hair is ripped out from the roots.
Ideal for: Delicate areas like the face, upper lip and eyebrows.
Pros: Since the hair is removed from the root, growth is slow and the skin stays smooth. It is great to remove small hair from delicate areas.
Cons: It can be very painful and time-consuming, besides being practically impossible to do by yourself. Only a well-trained professional can do it. It is not good for soft and wrinkled skin.

hair removal treatments pros and cons

5. Laser Hair Removal
How to: A specialised laser is used to track the root of your hair and burns it from the core.
Ideal for: Bikini area, underarms and upper lip.
Pros: Laser treatment is fast and ideal for slow growth. In many cases, the hair almost never grows back. It leaves the skin silky smooth and hairless.
Cons: It is the most expensive hair removal treatment and needs multiple sessions, depending upon your growth. Additionally, you need intensive home care like using required lotions and creams and not stepping out in the sun for up to six weeks. If there are hormonal changes, your hair can grow back again. It may not work for light hair on light skin or dark hair on dark skin as it works mainly on the hair pigment. If the hair and skin are of a similar colour, it can be difficult for the laser to spot the unwanted hair.

hair removal treatments pros and cons

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal treatment, we leave you to decide which one you’d like to go for. Don’t forget to share your choice with us.

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