5 DIY Ideas for Recycling Old, Broken Jewellery

Every time you clean your cupboard and the accessories drawer, you are likely to come across a whole bunch of old, broken jewellery just lying there. They have sentimental value so you can’t simply discard them, but they are taking up space making your drawer look cluttered. So we thought why not create a something new out of the old. Here are 5 DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery.

1. Tassel Earrings
Have old chains and broken earring lying around? Well, you can now make your own trendy tasselled earrings with this. Here’s how.

DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery
Requirements: Old gold chain, earring hooks, thin wire, pliers
a. Wrap the chain around a thick cardboard paper to create tassels of even lengths.
b. Break the chain using pliers at the ends.
c. Use the wire to combine the tassels into one, then add the earring hook.
(Inspired by makeitandfakeit.com)

2. Beaded Bracelet
Put all your leftover jewellery embellishments to good use and make a statement cuff from them. Take a look.

DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery
Requirements: Old beads and broken jewellery embellishments, strong glue (Like Fevikwik), an old cuff or piece of metal for the base.
a. Take the base and fold it to match your wrist.
b. Take glue and stick all the bigger beads on the base.
c. Fill the gaps with smaller beads.
(Taken from stylemepretty.com)

3. Re-colour Old Jewellery
Now you can simply re-polish and colour your old, rusted jewellery items and make them totally trendy. Check out this tutorial on how to do it.
DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery

Requirement: Old jewellery, nail polish, sponge pieces.
Procedure: Check out this tutorial to understand the ombré, re-polish jewellery DIY.

4. Charms Bracelet
Make a dainty charms bracelet from broken jewellery and wear it like a pro with your casual outfits. Check it out below.

DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery
Requirement: Old chain or bracelet, small broken beads that can be used as charms, small connecting rings for joining the charms, pliers.
a. Open the small ring first and insert the charm or bead, along with one of the loops of the chain.
b. Close the ring firmly with the pliers.
c. Do this at equal distance on the chain putting different charms.
(We loved the tutorial on weddingbee.com)

5. Brooch Pin
Get a gorgeous brooch for your garments with this super-easy DIY procedure.

DIY ideas for recycling old jewellery
Requirements: Safety pin with loops, small beads and charms, connecting ring, pliers.
a. Open up the connecting rings and insert the charm, along with the safety pin loop, and close the ring.
b. Add multiple charms to each loop similarly.
c. Just like the tasselled earrings, get two to three tassels of a chain and add them to the last loop.
(Brooch pin idea from girlridesbicycle.wordpress.com)

Where to buy the material: You can get almost all DIY-related material at Crawford Market in Mumbai or at a local crafts market in your area.

Hope you’re creating new and beautiful statement jewellery for yourself from old ones. Let us know if you have any more DIY ideas to recycle old jewellery.

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Images courtesy: girlridesbicycle.wordpress.com, weddingbee.com, jennifercederstam.com, stylemepretty.com, makeitandfakeit.com

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