5 Easy Tips to Make Your Apartment Look Larger

We agree with Dorothy; there’s no place like home. A lavish duplex with a personal butler would be really appreciated. However, we live in a city with sky-rocketing property rates, leaving us with the only option of owning or renting a matchbox-sized apartment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your small flat look bigger than it is. Read on to find out how to use simple tools and lights to make a huge difference.

small apartment look big
1. Go Natural
Ask any interior designer or photographer and they’ll all say that there’s no light like natural light. Convert your small grilled windows into large French ones and add light, printed curtains instead of blinds to see the magic. Not only does this save the cost of electricity, but also helps keep the home airy.
Tip: Keep the furniture near the window below its height to ensure unblocked light. This will create a sense of space in the house.

2. Don’t Dim It
Get rid of all the dim, yellow or dull lights in your house and replace them with bright, white ones. Whether it is a tubelight or a special light near the painting, a bright one will not only light up that corner, but also reflect off the floor making your apartment seem bigger.
Tip: If you do need dim lights, ensure they are at small, distant corners providing just enough visibility. Also make sure that the walls, furniture or accessories adjacent to the dim lights are not of a dark colour.

3. G-Lamp It Up
Have you been relying too much on the same old lights and fixtures of your homes? It’s time for a change! Go shopping and invest in a few good lamps for your abode. We know you’re thinking lamps equal dim lights, but that is not entirely true. For a small apartment, a compact lamp or an artistic one offers an addition to the light source, which reflects off the walls. Whether you use it as a secondary or primary light source, lamps with bright bulbs tend to make your tiny rooms seem more breathable.
Tip: Get lamps and lampshades of a light colour that match with the rest of your furniture. Don’t forget to buy adjustable ones that may be moved around and used in many different ways in the same room.

4. Get Glassy
Mirrors and glass furniture have long been best friends of people with small apartments. They ensure that the house looks bigger by helping reflect light. But what you might not know is that they also give the illusion of more space. For instance, if you get a glass table with thin legs, it makes your floor space look much wider, giving the impression of a lot of space between the table and the couch.
Tip: It is common to use glass opposite a light source, but don’t try to angle it. Use it on the sides, top, below and even as a part of the furniture in your kitchen. You will thank us.

5. Go the Unconventional Route
While mirrors are ideal to create illusions, you can also try other simple tricks to enhance your home. Most people believe (wrongly) that lights have to be on the ceiling or near the seating areas. You can go the unconventional route and get lights fixed on the floor. Yes, lights at the corners of the room and near the main furniture areas make your floor space appear almost twice as big. Additionally, they help make the ceiling look higher by reflecting more light upwards.
Tip: Always pick soft, white lights for the floor and ensure that you fit in a regulator for them. Floor lights need to be controlled for brightness, depending upon the time of day and weather.

Finally, a great idea would be to add decorative lights closer to your walls (as opposed to the ceiling) all year-round. Besides adding a festive feel every day, they will ensure that your walls look lighter and more open.

Try these tips and let us know if you have any other cool ways to use light for enhancing your space.

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