5 Easy to Keep New Year Resolutions

It’s Mid-December with 2014 ready to strike soon. Every New Year’s eve, we are inevitably posed with the question, “What is your New Year Resolution?” And we usually take up the challenge, maintain it for the first 10 days and then, poof! We are back to square one. So here are 5 easy-to-keep New Year Resolutions which we are sure you won’t tire of easily.

P.S: We are preaching because we have practiced. These are resolutions that our team has successfully managed to keep.

Get Twitter-Friendly

Forget #hash-tagging your statuses on Facebook. The joy of this is best felt on Twitter. Twitter is the place to be where you can connect with anyone and everyone on both interesting and mundane topics. From your favorite celebrity icons, to following your favorite news channels and blogs, to connecting with random people over the world who share common interests, there’s a lot to be discovered through this social network. What’s more you can choose a discreet handle if you don’t want to be publicly out there and your twitter friends can be limited to just twitter!

new year resolution twitter

Join The Twitterati

Stay informed

We can understand that to unwind, you love your painful family sagas and nonsensical reality shows, but please spare half an hour to watch or read the news. It is disheartening when leading newspapers cover events and college festivals and speak to both professionals and students who have no clue who the President of their own country is. If not for the information, you can enjoy a hearty laugh watching Arnab Goswami demanding an answer on behalf of the nation.

new year resolution news

Stay with the times

Get Reading

Clearly you are privileged to be literate and reading this post, so why not devote some time to reading? For some of you who would like to take up reading as a hobby, start off with books by authors who make use of simple language. And finally, a bit of reading before bed-time is sleep inducing and ensures you a good-night’s sleep, much better than staring at the idiot box.

new year resolution read

Lose Weight, Step by Step

Take the stairs up to your home and chuck the elevators. For those who stay in high-rises, you can choose to climb up a few floors as per your convenience and then take the elevator. This helps you burn some of the flab, and is also a great workout for your legs and butt. Walking for a brief 45 minutes alone can help you acquire toned legs, and stay in shape.

new year resolution fitness

Step up to the fitness revolution

Cut Some Slack

It’s time to move on. When people and experiences do not matter anymore, just get rid of them from your systems entirely and make way for the new. Join a club, meet new people, make random plans, pamper yourself, do anything that helps you flush out the negativity from your lives. Remember no one can make you happier than yourself.

Feel awesome!

Feel awesome!

Do you have any New Year Resolutions that you have stuck to without anything to cry about? Tweet to us @get_inonit or to @ArticulativeMe and tell us about it.

In Public Interest

This one may not be easy, but please kick the “butt”. It’s strange to see completely aware and fully literate people caressing the cancer stick. If you don’t care about your health, give some thought to the passive smokers around you, and at least avoid smoking in public areas.

new year resolution quit smoking

Right Now

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