5 Essentials for a New Year Eve Party

2013 may have been a bittersweet year for you, but welcome 2014 in style. New dress, shoes, bag and you may have prepared wonderfully for a kickass NYE party. But, before you leave with your man on your arm for the evening, take a quick look at all the essential items for the party.

Party Essentials for 2014

Cover Up: Wraps/Shawls

Lace, backless, short hemlines are the trends for NYE parties. If you are going anywhere outside of the city or even to a remote part of the city, a light shawl or a versatile wrap will be a blessing as the year changes.

Touch Up:  Make up

A girl’s bag always has a kajal, lip gloss and compact. Add mascara, eyeliner, a light blush and other make up items to your bag for the party. A touch up never harmed anyone, plus, it hides the stress and keeps you glowing. You may carry a small bottle of creme perfume for added fragrance.

Dress Up: Sticky Tapes and Pins

NYE parties are usually crowded so while passing from one side of the club to the bar it may be a Mumbai local experience. Your neatly styled hair and tiny lace skirt may be ruined. Hence, carry some two way sticky tape and colourful pins to do some damage control. The tape may also save you from those painful shoe bites, keep it handy.

Clean Up: Wipes

Mascara running down your eyes, spilled red wine, smudged lipstick after the mid-night kiss; yes, wipes will be your best friend.

Party Down: Pair of Flats and Jewellery PouchWhat-Pack-Small-Party-Bag-Clutch-Night-Out

If you plan on partying the whole night, those sexy stilettos are going to be a real pain. A pair of comfortable ballerinas or flat shoes will be a boon. Carrying a small jewellery pouch will come in handy, when your earrings get too heavy. You may always remove them and wear it once you are at your destination. If you find carrying all these essentials tough, you may leave a few in your car and pick it up later. Bring in the New Year with glamour and these secret essentials by your side.

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