5 Everyday Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Face

Whether you’re being lazy with your beauty routine or working hard to keep that gorgeous glow on your face, there may be a few ways you’re ruining your face. Change these small but horrible habits in your daily routine and you’ll see your skin getting its lustre back.

Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Face

1. Washing Face In The Shower
Love a long, hot shower? It might be ageing your facial skin. The pressure of the water droplets falling may be too much for your delicate skin and cause micro scarring. Instead, splash water on your face when washing it.

2. Washing Face Before Your Hair
When you wash your hair, there might be run-off shampoo and conditioner on your face. This may be too harsh for your skin if not washed off well. So, always wash your face last while bathing.

3. Hurrying Up Your Beauty Routine
If you rush your cleansing, toning and moisturising routine once in a while, it is acceptable. But when you do it often, you’re not giving time to your beauty products to settle on to your face. Keep at least 1-2 minutes gap between two procedures.

4. Not Washing Your Hand Between Two Beauty Routines
While keeping enough time gap is essential, you also have to ensure that you wash your hands before you go for the next step. This will ensure that your hands are clean from the dirt over the bottles and furniture as well as any previous product, and are ready for the next product.

5. Fighting Acne And Not Calming It
You’re equipped with all the creams and serums that reduce that pesky pimple problem. While these are necessary, they can’t be sufficient. Remember, breakouts are inflammations, so fighting them will reduce and leave a scar. You need cooling creams to help heal your skin faster.

Stay away from these minor errors and keep your face as gorgeous as ever.

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