5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer Taboo To Break

Fashion’s cardinal rules have been around for years. How often have you heard people say: “Don’t mix gold with silver”, “Showing cleavage AND leg is tacky” and ‘Sneakers are just for the gym”. But this is no longer the case. With new trends in effect, we tell you five former fashion rules that you can totally break.

fashion rules to break

1. Mixing Gold And Silver Jewellery
Admit it darlings, we are closeted mixers. Why stick to one shade of bling, when two can rake a storm?

Why do it? Just because mother wore gold all over, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Gold rings on the finger with silver bangles make for a refreshing style statement. Create your own style and flaunt those metallic layers!

How we can achieve this look aesthetically: Bangles made of silver and gold can be layered; the same goes for neckpieces, too. You may also opt to wear an anklet on your feet, in a mix of gold and silver (intertwined), or a wristwatch with a combination of yellow gold and white on your wrists.

fashion rules to break

Here’s what we can learn from Rihanna when she broke the fashion rule in this Empress Look.

2. Mixing Prints And Patterns
Yes, you don’t need to pair your prints and patterns with solids. You can mix them up to hit the fashion mark.

Why do it? Some may refer it to as a big mistake or a fashion faux pas, but Spring/Summer 2014′s Paris, London and New York Fashion Weeks have said it all—prints and patterns can be mixed.

How we can achieve this look aesthetically: Be adventurous and dress for the occasion, and have fun in doing so. Amalgamate prints and patterns in dark shades with bright ones. Polkas and vertical lines, animal prints and floral themes work particularly well.

fashion rules to break

Here’s how to wear printed pant in style.

3. Sneakers Are For The Gym
Sneakers can be worn for stylish night outs and chic evening soirees. The key lies in pairing them aesthetically.

Why do it? Heels can make you look sloppy, too, especially if you are in them all day long. Imagine how tired your feet would be—give them a break, will you!

How we can achieve this look aesthetically: No socks to be worn here! Pair the sneakers with cropped pants and a sharp-tailored coat with a button-down shirt. And there you have it, the perfect weekend party bohemian look.

fashion rules you must break

4. Head-To-Toe Denim
With such diverse range of twists available, who wants to just wear them the old, boring way? Mix up your denims to ace the denim-on-denim style.

Why do it? For a kickass bold statement and be in on the current fashion trend.

How we can achieve this look aesthetically: Spice up your look with cool prints, such as polka-dot or Aztec patterned denims. Or mix up different shades of blue in your jeans, skirt or shorts.

fashion rules you must break

5. Showing Both Cleavage & Leg
It might have been a cardinal sin of fashion to show both cleavage and leg once, but this is no longer the case. If you have it, flaunt it—and tease with it. Show a little cleavage and as much leg as you want without a care, but dress for the occasion.

Why do it? You love your figure and flaunting it is no crime. Just make sure it’s done right!

How we can achieve this look aesthetically: Kim Kardashian does the ‘flaunt and tease’ with much ease. You now can turn up the fire and let the slit slash all the way to your hip. Don’t stop there—a low and a sexy deep neckline for some cleavage to show is a must.

fashion rules you must break

There will always be rules, trends and dictators. The trick is to be you and wear what you want and how you want to. Be your own stylist and tease the world with the things others wish they had the courage to wear. So long darlings, until we meet again, be gorgeous and beautiful in your own ways!

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Images courtesy: whowhatwear.com, newswalle.com, blog.patternbank.com, designmom.com

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