It’s Oktoberfest Time! Try These 5 German Beers, Whether In Munich Or Mumbai

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder.’ You might have seen this line on beer paraphernalia around the world. And it is true; beer does make the world a happier place. After all, it’s all fun and games until the beer runs out. So with the Oktoberfest month starting off (20 September to 5 October), the Schottenhamel tent is the place to be if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies.

We tell you five delicious beer styles you must try when in Munich for the Oktoberfest.

Psst: Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Munich this year. Mumbai also has its own version of the Oktoberfest between 15 and 19 October at Phoenix Marketcity, where you’ll be able to try these delicious ales.

1. Pilsner


This is easily the most popular beer style in the world and there are many great German Pilsners available. All you need to produce this dry, crisp and refreshing beer is hops, soft water, yeast and malted barley. Pale lagers have a straw golden appearance with a white and dense head. There is also a varying degree of bitterness due to the hops. Bitburger is perhaps the most common German Pils.
Get It At: Red Hot Bar, Amalienstrasse 89, 80799 Munich

2. Dark Lager


Dunkel is a word used for several types of dark German lager, ranging from amber to dark reddish-brown. These beers combine dry chocolate or licorice notes with the fullness of a lager. The ones brewed in and around Munich tend to be a little fuller-bodied and sometimes have a hint of bready sweetness to the taste, a characteristic of the typical smooth malts used. König Ludwig Dunkel is one of the most popular dark beers in Germany.
Get It At: Hofbräuhaus Munchen microbrewery, Platzl 9, 80331 Munich

3. Weizenbier


In Germany, all Weizenbiers (or wheat beer) are top fermented beers which must have 50 per cent or higher malted wheat content, along with malted barley. It has a fruity, malty sweetness and a refreshing taste with a thick white head and is very popular in the summer months. This style is particularly noted for its low hop bitterness and relatively high carbonation. It is medium-light to medium body, never heavy and always effervescent. The filtered Krystal version (Kristall – weizen) has no yeast and is brilliantly clear. Try the Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, a popular German wheat beer.
Get It At: Weisse Bräuhaus, Tal 7, 80331 Munich

4. Zwickelbier

zwickel -

This unfiltered beer is carbonated in the cask, resulting in an effervescent and light flavour. The aroma and flavour should have a notable amount of bready yeast notes. Zwickelbier is usually less hoppy, so it does not have a subtle bitter taste. It is served as soon as it has finished fermenting, as it can spoil very fast. Zwickelbier is often served directly from the barrel at beer gardens and, due to its low shelf life, is rarely exported internationally. Zwickel by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is one of the most commonly consumed beers.
Get It At: Der Pschorr, Viktualienmarkt 15, 80331 Munich

5. Shandy


This beer cocktail is a very popular summer drink and extremely refreshing and very appealing to the palette. It is a standard pint glass filled halfway with beer and the other half with lemonade, which could be easily substituted with Sprite or something similar. Wheat beers and light lagers are best to use while making a shandy. It works particularly well with the ladies, if they aren’t too comfortable just drinking a whole beer.
Get It At: Padres sports bar, Blumenstrasse 43, 80331 Munich

When In Germany…
Make sure you visit Berlin, whose food tour is well worth a visit. It is a very enjoyable and exciting way to experience German food culture and definitely taste all of its famous beers.

So, whether you’re in Munich or Mumbai, celebrate the Oktoberfest month with one of these refreshing styles of beer.

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