5 Healthy Foods To Beat The Heat

With the rains coming to a close, brace yourself for the return of long days accompanied with sweltering heat. No matter what you set your AC temperature to, staying cool also depends on the type of foods you eat, besides drinking plenty of water. No, we don’t mean reaching out for chilled margaritas and ice creams. Here are 5 healthy foods to beat the heat that are not only delicious but will help you stay cool and energetic no matter how high the mercury reaches.

beat the heat

Mint as well as peppermint has amazing cooling properties and the ability to fight laziness during a heat wave. Try them in a salad, herbal tea or in a chilled glass of iced tea. It can instantly refresh any drink or snack and also aids in digestion giving it a double advantage during hot, sunny days.

A crunchy salad should be your meal of choice when you can’t stand the blistering heat. Vegetables like lettuce, cucumber and radishes are high in water content and also contain anti-oxidants to keep you hydrated, healthy and cool. Toss them into a pasta salad and drizzle on a dressing of your choice for a delicious snack to stay cool.

Spicy Food
Have you ever wondered why people in hotter regions eat spicy food? Food that causes us to sweat helps us to cool down, so our Indian food is ideal for hot climates. On an extra hot day, bring on those red peppers.

Make snacking on fruits an important part of your diet come the hot months. Fruits like juicy apples, melons and watermelons are a summer staple as they hydrate you and are a healthy alternative to sugar-laden sweets and desserts.

It’s important to load up on proteins and while many love their meat, it takes time to digest and are very heaty. Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fibre and will help you stay way cooler than your favourite meat will. Plus, they are super delicious as well.

Tell us in the comments below about your favorite foods to help cool down. And read on to find out about the most popular diets of all times.

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