Play Footsie: 5 Home Remedies for Tanned Feet

Warm days are here! Thanks to the harsh summer sun rays, you may have uneven skin tone, tan lines, marks and more. When aiming to look perfect from head-to-toe, don’t be lazy when it comes to your feet. Here are 5 ways to get that pesky tan off your feet.

remedies for tanned feet

1. Yogurt

The cooling effect of yogurt has helped our mothers, grandmothers and generations of women in our family cure tanned skin. Take a bit of yogurt, mix a teaspoon of tomato juice and apply on your feet. Wash after five minutes. It will leave your feet visibly fairer and smoother.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon has natural bleaching properties. Mix lemon juice with a pinch of sugar and rub it on the tanned area. Wash after 2-3 minutes and see the results.

3. Cucumber Juice

Rich in vitamin C, cucumber is used on the eyes to lighten dark circles. Use this as a remedy for your tanned feet too. Mix the juice with a bit of turmeric and apply regularly.

4. Gram Flour

Every Indian girl knows the wonders of besan. Make a paste of gram flour with regular or rose water and apply. It acts as a mild scrub and cleansing agent. Regular use will make your skin even toned and smooth to touch.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is easily available and has multiple benefits. However, this needs to be applied regularly for a week for the results to show. Try using it on your tan lines and see the magic as the week progresses.

Tips to Avoid Feet Tanning

- Use sunscreen! We can’t stress this enough.
- Get pedicures regularly
- Avoid flip-flops and sandals, opt for closed shoes
- Get skin coloured socks or stocking socks when wearing open toed sandals
- Massage and moisturise your feet every night and wear socks to bed.

Hope these tips leave you with happy feet. Write to us if you have any more tips on getting salon like feet at home.

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