5 Hydrating Mistakes You’re Probably Making

With temperatures soaring dangerously high again, are you camping near the refrigerator for cold water, juice, soda and the likes? While gulping down anything you can lay your hands on will help you beat the heat, just remember to avoid making these silly mistakes to hydrate right.

Staying Hydrated


The 8-Glasses-A-Day Rule
While 8 is a good enough number of glasses to stick to, you might actually need a lot more or even less (surprise surprise!) of H2O because hydration needs vary from person to person. In fact, the exact amount of water you need is dependent on your size and weight. Also, since your body gets water from foods like fruits and veggies, you may not actually need to guzzle as much (bonus: fewer trips to the bathroom!).

Tea can hydrate too

Staying Away From Your Caffeine Fixes—Coffee & Tea
Apart from the fact that you generally don’t want to go near anything that isn’t as cool as ice, you’re probably avoiding coffee and tea because they can dehydrate due to their caffeine content. Well, here’s some good news—now you don’t have to! Few know that even though caffeine in coffee and tea can be a diuretic causing fluid loss, the fluid content in them typically makes up for it, hydrating you instead!

Not Drinking Water Before Working Out
It is likely that you sip on something regularly while you’re sweating it out at the gym, but you probably don’t pay attention to staying hydrated before you workout. That’s right, if you don’t have at least two glasses of water about half an hour before you workout, you may be prone to headaches and will tire out easily at the gym, too.

Staying Hydrated at the gym

Thirsty? Let’s Grab A Bite!
Confusing thirst for hunger is actually a pretty common mistake most people make in the summer. The way to outsmarting your body into giving you the right signals is to drink water before you eat to make sure your hunger pangs are not false alarms. Another easy way to control is drinking plenty of water along with your meals. Also, always carry a bottle of water with you… if the temptation to dig into an ice-cream sundae hits you, first reach into your bag for your bottle, gulp down a couple of sips and then see if you still feel like eating the ice-cream (you probably won’t). It’s also a smart idea to keep a bottle of water by your bed. As soon as you get up, drink some.

Too little waterDrinking Too Little
Most of us only reach out for that glass of water when we’re feeling thirsty. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Of course we should hydrate ourselves when we feel thirsty, when it’s really hot outside or while working out. But that’s not the only time we should drink water. It’s just as important to drink up when you’re watching TV, sitting at your desk or chatting with your friends. If it helps, just put up a sticky note at your workstation reminding you to drink some water!

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