5 Minute Morning Makeup Tips So You’re NEVER Late to Work Again

A few of your 2014 resolutions were probably related to self grooming and healthy eating habits. This may have, however, fizzled out in the first week with your plate already full with tons of work. While you cannot really find a shortcut to eating healthy, we do give you an easy way out for looking like a million bucks every day.

5 minute makeup

We show you simple tips, which will make your face look fresh and glowing everyday at office. Check out our 5 minute make-up tips for busy mornings.


What you need: Concealer, Day Foundation, Compact, Blush-on

Time: 2 minutes

Application: For a day makeup at office, start by applying concealer to your dark circles and blemishes. Ensure that you apply a light layer. Blend it with a shade of foundation suitable for your skin tone and then apply compact. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks with a cream based blush-on for that ‘happy-skin’ look.

5 minute makeup

Compact: Rs.104, Blush-on: Rs.250, Concealer: Rs.440, Foundation: Rs.600

Tip:  Mix your foundation with a drop of moisturiser to blend it well and avoid patchy skin.


What you need: Eyeliner, Mascara

Time: 1.5 minute

Application: Awaken dull and sleepy eyes with a few simple strokes of eyeliner. Opt for winged or regular and enhance it with a light dose of mascara on your lashes.

5 minute makeup

Eyeliner: Rs.460, Mascara: Rs.250

Tip: Use black eyeliner for everyday as it goes with all outfits and can be blended easily for evening makeup.


Things needed: Lipstick, Lip Gloss

Time: 1 minute

Application: Colour your lips with either a bright shade or a pale shade of lipstick depending on your outfit. Top it with a coat of gloss for a prettier pout.

5 minute makeup

Lipstick: Rs.550, Gloss: Rs.700

Tip: Use chapstick before applying lipstick to make the colour last longer.

There you go! Each day, you can look gorgeous and even use an extra 30 seconds to click an amazing selfie.

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