5 Tips To Give Your Room An Instant Makeover

Your room is your heaven—so why not keep it like one? And the good thing is that you don’t need to spend tons of money to refurbish your room. If you are all for comfort and style without spending the big bucks, this article is for you. Here are 5 décor ideas that are guaranteed to give your room an instant makeover.

1. Refresh Your Bedding

Ever considered a duvet cover or comforter for your bed? We know, we know, that it’s too hot to need one but see for yourself how pretty they look. Get them in bright colours and prints with matching pillow and cushion cases for a surefire way to perk up your room. This may be a small thing to start with but the results will be huge—you’ll end up with an utterly revamped bed!

duvet bed room makeover

2. Dress Up Your Dresser

Use up any leftover sheets of wallpaper to pretty up your dresser. Rather than applying a sheet of veneer or lamination, this will give the dresser a whole new look—a floral wallpaper will instantly convert your dowdy dresser to a classy one.

wallpaper dresser room makeover

3. Get Bold With Colours

An accent wall with a bright colour or texture will stand out nicely in your room. Paint it in a cheerful shade to create a visual impact. Add to it by putting up some wall hangings, photo frames or paintings. We suggest painting the background wall of your bed with a contrasting colour for maximum impact.

colour wall room makeover

4. Care For Your Handles

This might not seem like much, but trust us, it creates a big change to the look of your room. Replace your door handles with decorative ones, whether antique or ultramodern to add personality and style to inexpensive furniture.

decorative handles room makeover

5. Add A Green Element

Not only do plants serve as natural air filters, but they also look neat when put in a corner or on a side table. Besides, your tired eyes after a hard day’s work will get welcome respite from them. If you already have small indoor plants at home, just move them to your room.

plants green room makeover

We’re sure you have many more such tips and tricks to perk up your room without burning a hole in your pocket. Do share them with us by commenting below.

Pictures courtesy: Sunset.com, Decorbycolor.com, Brightboldandbeautiful.com, Zakkia.com.au,


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