5 Reasons Why You Must NOT Ditch The Sunscreen During The Monsoons

All through the summer you’ve protected your skin from the sun with sunscreen, and now you can finally give it a break since monsoon is here. Big mistake! You absolutely need to apply sunscreen every single day come rain or shine. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons that will change your mind.

Use sunscreen during monsoon
1. The Sun Is Still Here
So what if the sun is covered by clouds and the weather is really great? It’s still there. The UV-B rays may be blocked by the clouds, but the harmful UV-A rays can always penetrate the clouds and reach your skin causing serious damage. So don’t let go off that sunscreen bottle yet.

2. We Live In A Tropical Country
No matter how much it rains, we will always have enough sunlight. In fact, often the rains might disappear for a while and the sun will shine bright making the weather hot and clammy. Sunscreen will be your best friend when the sun gives a surprise.

3. Skin Always Needs Protection
Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean your skin does not need protection. You are still prone to wrinkles and spots due to sun damage. In fact, you need to reapply the sunscreen every time it gets washed off in the rains.

4. Wet Skin Is Vulnerable To Sunburns
Ever wondered why you get sunburnt when in the pool? That’s because wet skin is extremely vulnerable and can be easily harmed by the sun’s rays. So protect your face, especially the nose and cheeks, from being chapped and burnt by using sun protection cream.

5. It Enhances Your Skin
Sunscreen not only prevents damage, but also keeps your skin hydrated by locking the moisture in. Always opt for a cream or lotion with an SPF 15 or higher.

We hope you’re going to stick to the sunscreen routine even when it rains. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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