5 Reasons We Are Tripping Over Cara Delevingne + 3 Easy-Breezy Styles That You Can Adopt

This 21-year-old model, actress, singer and socialite burst onto the fashion scene just a couple of years ago—and has already walked the ramp for some of the biggest names in the fashion world, including Mulberry, Fendi and Stella McCartney. Being the most sought-after model right now notwithstanding, here are five reasons you should know about Cara Delevingne.

1. Runway Favourite
This fashion darling is Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite model, having walked the runway for Chanel numerous times. She was the face of Burberry at the tender age of 19 and is great friends with Diane von Furstenberg. Cara, want any more friends? We are volunteering.


2. Instagram Kingdom
She is an Instagram queen, with more than 59,00,000 followers. Way to start a revolution, we say! She’s also notorious for taking selfies, especially backstage, with her long list of celebrity friends.

cara delevingneL-R:With Rita Ora, Karl Lagerfeld & Karlie Kloss


3. Bushy Is Better
Cara is the trendsetter for bushy eyebrows, which are all the rage this season—inspiring many runway looks for other designers.


4. Hardcore
She has a punk rock, edgy, tomboyish kind of style that she pulls of effortlessly. Whether it’s on the ramp or on the street, she always looks beautiful and camera ready. And with her insouciant attitude towards life, what’s not to love?

5. Collaborations
Not only has she recently collaborated with DKNY for a 15-piece collection that will launch in October, she has also undertaken the casting of all the models for the campaign, conducting an Instagram contest called ‘Cara Wants You’.We just can’t seem to get enough of her.

cara delevingneCara for the DKNY Instagram contest, with the six contest winners

Dress Up Like Cara
Want to get Cara’s casual, runway-ready look? Here’s how you can get it without breaking the bank.

cara delevingneA: At Leonardo Di Caprio’s fundraiser. B: A casual stroll in London. C: At Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition

A. White suit: Cara is wearing a white tuxedo blazer, white trousers with black borders and open-toed booties. Get a similar look here. Blazer (Rs 995); bottoms (Rs 995); boots (Rs 2445)

B. After-hours denim: Cara opts for comfort wear in shredded denim shorts, a leather jacket and a white blouse with prints. Get a similar look here. Shorts (Rs 1,300); jacket (Rs 4784); shirt (Rs 628)

C. Monochromatic: Cara rocks black-and-white striped pants, a white skull tee, a black blazer and a chic black tote. Get a similar look here. Pants (Rs 899); T-shirt (Rs 479); blazer (Rs 3,499); bag (Rs 2,495)

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Images courtesy: company.co.uk, zimbio.com, dailymail.co.uk, neverthelesswearthatdress.wordpress.com, kendellandkylie.celebuzz.com

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