5 Rules To Master The Art Of Flirting

Over the years, this has probably been one of the most intriguing topics for all women. The best way to flirt is to ensure maximum results with a minimum amount of embarrassment and we all want to know how and what creates the zsa zsa zsu that will surely get his attention. We hate to burst your bubble but there isn’t an exact formula to this amazing chemistry you want to create. In fact, the best chemistry is the one which happens with instinct. However, there are some basic rules and the key is to maintain a balance while applying them.

Here are the top five rules to work the art of flirting.

Rule 1: Make Eye Contact
This not only shows you’re interested, but also reflects your confidence. Eyes do a lot of the talking, so make eye contact with a slight smile. At the same time, don’t stare. That would make it awkward and borderline creepy—you don’t want to give the stalker stare and scare him off! All you want to do is show that you’re interested. Give a casual flirty glance for a few seconds and then look away—the slight smile just makes the whole thing even sexier.


Rule 2: Touch
Remember that men and women are hard wired very differently and men happen to be very touch-oriented and physically driven. A slight touch on the elbow and touching his arms lightly while talking to him is a big yes, but at the same time, you don’t want to appear slutty or throwing yourself all over him. It’s all about setting the right balance without giving the wrong impression.


Rule 3: Compliment Him & Show Interest In What He Says
Men have an ego the size of a football, so the best way to get his attention is to compliment him. When you praise or compliment him, it directly feeds his ego which in turn makes him believe he is succeeding or standing out in whatever he is doing. Simple things like ‘Wow, that’s pretty impressive’ or  ‘You’re looking good tonight’ will make him believe he is an alpha male.


Rule 4: Body Language
Men are actually checking you out in a lot more detail if they are interested. So when you start chatting with that guy you’ve been admiring, it’s very important to play up your looks card—and the best way to subtly enhance your sex appeal is by your body language. While you’re talking to him, lightly lick your lips (not in a sloppy way, but in a very light and sensual way), flip your hair and smile. Focus on him while he’s talking. All these signs are very appealing to a man and a surefire way for him to notice you.


Rule 5: Natural Ease & Confidence
Finally, with matters of the heart, the best conversations and the most fun things happen when you stop planning and just go with the flow, instead. Don’t try too hard, nor too little—just be yourself and you’ll go places. Be casual, cool and fun, so the guy can talk and relate to you easily. Just lower your inhibitions, be confident and sure of yourself and whatever you’re saying.


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