Get Creative! One Grey Sweatshirt, Five Different Looks

With so many fashion events happening all around the world, carrying just as many clothes can be hazardous (try lifting that 40kg bag all by yourself). When you hear the word sweatshirt, your immediate image is probably of you sitting on a couch in your sweatsuit, munching on things that pile on the calories (or maybe that’s just us)—but it’s definitely not something that can be worn to fashion events. Right? Well, wrong! We bring you styling tips that will save your time, money and luggage space. Here are five different looks that you can get with just one grey sweatshirt. From a casual lunch date to an evening after-party, this item of clothing can be worn throughout the day (and night).

1. Blogger Loving
You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to look like one. Pair your trendy boyfriends jeans with a sweatshirt and add a white shirt underneath to give you an uber-cool look. Don’t forget those killer aviator sunglasses and most importantly your diva attitude.

grey sweatshirt stylesL-R- Top: Grey sweatshirt, aviator sunglasses & boyfriend jeans; Bottom: Laptop bag, collar bling & white shirt.

2. Off The Runway
Nail your off-the-runway trendy look by styling your casual sweatshirt with a bright, classy midi skirt and high heels à la Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. The photographers will be lining up to take your pictures.

grey sweatshirt stylesL-R- Top: Grey sweatshirt, pink midi skirt & black heel shoes; Bottom: Studded cuff, pink nail polish & white sling bag

3. Skortastic
You have a skort lying around but are hesitant to wear it as the trend is slowly dying out. Fear not! Pair it with a sweatshirt and give your outfit an edgy look by adding punk accessories like midi rings and a spiked choker necklace. You will look so badass that no one will dare tell you that the skort is so last season.

grey sweatshirt stylesL-R- Top: Grey sweatshirt, black skort & black heels; Bottom: Spiked choker, patterned clutch & midi rings.

4. Comeback Trend
Dungarees—this comeback trend is so easy and comfortable. Opt for dungarees in a bright colour to avoid blending into the masses. Keep the outfit flirty and fun by pairing the ensemble with a cute hairband and funky printed backpack.

grey sweatshirt stylesL-R- Top: Grey sweatshirt, yellow dungarees & checked hairband; Bottom: White sneakers, patterned backpack & white watch.

5. Maximise Your Style
If you love a bold style, then try out a maxi skirt in a bright, lively purple colour to balance out the neutral grey sweatshirt. Pair the outfit with chic accessories like a delicate watch, a sophisticated handbag and gladiator sandals. You will be turning heads everywhere you go.

grey sweatshirt stylesL-R- Top: Grey sweatshirt, purple maxi skirt & golden watch; Bottom: Tan gladiator sandals, grey handbag & golden earrings.

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