5 Summer Essentials To Carry In Your Bag

Don’t let the heat get you down, we still have to go about our daily lives no matter how high the temperatures soar. We all know that’s no easy feat in an our blazing Indian summers. Since we carry our world around in our trusty bags, here are 5 summer essentials to always have in your purse to help beat the scorching heat.


1. Sunblock
This is the most obvious summer essential to always have on you. Don’t even think about stepping outdoors without slapping on generous amounts of sunscreen with a high SPF, even better if you could put some on every few hours on super hot days. Not only will you save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a sunburnt tomato, but will protect yourself from the long-term effects of UV rays.

2. Sunnies
Just as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage our skin, they can also cause some serious damage to our eyes. Protect your peepers with a handy pair of shades, the fact that your trendy sunglasses create a statement finish to your style is an added bonus.

3. Moisturizing Lip Balm
Some people may feel that the hot temperatures cause an oil spill on their face, but you’ll be surprised to know that it has the opposite effect on your lips. Make sure to carry a super nourishing  lip balm at all times to whip out, you never know when you’ll need to be pucker ready.

4. Body Mist
Perfumes are great but I think body mists can make you feel refreshed instantly. Not only will they keep embarrassing body odour at bay in the summer, but will help you smell and feel fresh as a flower.

5. Hair Ties
Any girl would know that amazing feeling to lift your hair away from your neck in the blazing sun. Hair ties and clips are essential to fasten those locks away to feel even a teeny bit cooler in the burning summer heat.

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